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Summary of the 31 January 2011 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors

Full IRC meeting logs are posted at BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2011/01-31.

Board Member Attendance

  • Present: Donnie Berkholz, Alan Coopersmith, Alex Deucher, Matthieu Herrb, Matthias Hopf, Bart Massey, Keith Packard
  • Absent: Eric Anholt

Reports, Discussion & Decisions

Election Committee

The election committee members reported that only 2 members had accepted nominations so far for the 4 open slots, with only 1.5 hours left until the deadline. The committee members voted to extend the deadline by another week.

Treasurer Status

Stuart reported he got the package from Keith with the necessary paperwork for updating the bank account access, and that most of the checks were sent out.

Discussion was held on changing the checking account from requiring two signatures per check to only requiring one. The bylaws currently require two, which led into...

Bylaw Amendments

Bart brought up that our Bylaws need amending for various issues, such as the check signing requirements. Since this requires a vote of the members, it would be convenient to include in the upcoming election. Matthias agreed to ask Egbert if he still has the original editable document, instead of just the PDF posted on the web site. Alex will check his notes from discussions with SFLC lawyers to see if there was anything we needed to change for the 501(c)3 conversion.

SFLC Donation

Bart asked if we'd ever sent a donation to SFLC as discussed multiple times. Stuart said he'd never gotten told an amount to send. Alan will check the previous minutes for the decision.

Google Summer of Code

Google announced GSoC 2011 at LCA last week. Stephane Marchesin agreed to be the project administrator for X.Org again this year, and will submit our application when the group applications open.