Summary of the 06 Juli 2017 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at IrcLogs


Present: Martin Peres, Alex Deucher, Daniel Vetter, Bryce Harrington, Keith Packard, Rob Clark, Taylor Campbell,


Egbert Eich,


Agenda: travel requests, evoc, gsoc, xdc sponsorship, xdc18, khronos, coc

First (of three total) Gsoc evaluation, 4 students passed

Khronos adopters agreement moved forward a big step

Items discussed

ITEM: Evoc
Student still working on first mesa patch for acceptance
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Gsoc
One student failed the first evaluation period (student overcommitted between
gsoc and academic duties), other 4 students passed. This year there's no longer
a midterm, but 3 evaluation points in total.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: khronos adopter agreement
Khronos answered SPI's questions, back to SPI for consideration.
ACTIONS: Keith to ping SPI to make sure it's on the agenda.
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: XDC sponsorship
No real news yet. But there's a seriously interested sponsor for XDC overall
(with website presence in return).
ACTIONS: Daniel to ping potential sponsors again
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: coc
Taylor still working on a draft.
ACTIONS: Taylor will send a draft proposal to board@ soon
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: travel requests
MV is expensive, we're trying to get a bit more cost-effective options for the
request we have already.
ACTIONS: Rob Clark to reply with options for cheaper motel-type accomodation.
STATUS: Pending