Summary of the 08 January 2015 meeting of the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors Full IRC meeting logs are posted at ?BoardOfDirectors/IrcLogs/2015/09-08.



  • Alex Deucher, Peter Hutterer, Egbert Eich, Stuart Kreitmann, Matt Dew, Alan Coopersmith,


  • Keith Packard, Martin Peres


Today, the SPI Board unanimously voted to formally invite the X.Org Foundation to become an Associated Project. This vote has been a while in the making and we're proud that we're now on the home stretch. Joing SPI removes much of the legal and accounting administrative work from the X.Org Board, leaving us to focus on the things we should be doing: promoting X, Wayland, Open Graphics, organizing developer conferences and promoting graphics development through participation in coding programs (GSoC, OPW, EVoC).

Items discussed

ITEM: OPW status
OPW is progressing well, no red flags spotted at this point. Christian L
(the mentor) needs a freedesktop account soon, we'll check if we can extend
the number of ppl who can approve accounts.
STATUS: Complete

ITEM: X.Org to join SPI
SPI formally invited us, see the resolution posted here

The invitation must be formally accepted by the X.Org membership, the X.Org
Board will organize an election asap to put this to the vote.
ACTION: Member vote to be held to join SPI
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: Election pending
The SPI resolution must be voted on and four of the board members' terms are
up. An election will be scheduled asap, we have 90 days to accept the SPI
ACTION: Egbert E., Peter H. to handle the election schedule
STATUS: Pending

ITEM: XDC 2015
The questions we sent to the organizers of next year's XDC (the proposals)
came back over the christmas break. We now need to decide between Toronto
and Boston.
ACTION: Board to vote on XDC location next meeting
STATUS: Pending