The X.Org Foundation is holding elections for

  • The Board of Directors

Election Results

With 52 of 80 total members voting, the results of the election as reported on on Apr 19, 2022 were as follows:

  • Emma Anholt
  • Alyssa Rosenzweig
  • Mark Filion
  • Ricardo Garcia

Their terms will end Q1 2024.

Election Schedule

  • Nomination period Start: Mon 21st February
  • Nomination period End: Sun 20th March
  • Publication of Candidates & start of Candidate QA: Mon 28th March
  • Deadline of X.Org membership application or renewal: Thu 31st March
  • Election Planned Start: Mon 4th April 14:00 UTC
  • Election Planned End: Mon 18th April 14:00 UTC

PLEASE NOTE: The memberships of all X.Org Members have been expired, to participate in this election you MUST renew your membership by the deadline mentioned above! Please go to the Members page for your membership application or renewal.

Board Election

The terms of the following Board Members will end this year:

  • Emma Anholt
  • Mark Filion
  • Keith Packard
  • Harry Wentland

There are 4 seats on the X.Org Board of Directors up for reelection.

The Elections overview page describes the voting methods and process.

The election process starts with a 2 week nomination period. If you would like to nominate yourself please send email to the election committee, giving your

  • name
  • current professional affiliation
  • a statement of contribution to X.Org or related technologies
  • a personal statement.

To vote or to be elected to the Board you needed to be a Member of the X.Org Foundation. To be a Member of the X.Org Foundation you need to apply or renew your membership until the end of the nomination period.


Emma Anholt

Current Affiliation: Google

Personal Statement:

Emma has served multiple terms on the board, and is happy to continue in her role as treasurer.

Statement of Contribution:

I am a Google employee working on the Mesa graphics stack for ChromeOS, and have in the past worked for Broadcom on the Raspberry Pi (vc4, v3d) graphics drivers, Intel on their graphics driver and made major contributions (EXA, glamor) to the X Server.

I have served as treasurer on the X.Org Foundation Board of Directors.

Shashank Sharma

Current Affiliation: AMD

Personal Statement:

I believe that Xorg serves as a central community for many Linux opensource graphics development projects, and one of the bigger challenges which any such big community faces is collaborative decision making. I would like to contribute towards easier collaboration and communication (I know many of us are already working on it, and I would be happy to help them).

Statement of Contribution:

  • Shashank is an opensource enthusiast, he understands and promotes the Linux graphics ecosystem.
  • He has total 15+ years of experience in developing embedded Linux software, out of which he has been developing display and graphics software for around 11+ years.
  • Has worked with many key players around the industry, has experience with both Intel and ARM subsystem of graphics. Has previously worked with Samsung, Nvidia and Intel for their respective Linux graphics teams. He is currently working for AMD's Linux graphics org now, as a technical lead for AMDGPU Kernel and middleware software stack.
  • Is one of the maintainers of AMDGPU DDX driver.
  • Has implemented several complex features for DRM ecosystem previously, has 100+ contributions as author, coauthor, and reviewer in mainline Kernel. Some of his work can be seen at:
  • Is actively involved and visible in various opensource graphics projects across the stack, like DRM Kernel, Xorg and DDX, Wayland and Weston, Kodi etc.
  • Has implemented a few complex features for DRM subsystems like HDR, HDMI 2.0, YCBCR 4:2:0 etc.
  • More details about Shashank and his contributions can be found in this website:

Ricardo Garcia

Current Affiliation: Igalia S.L.

Personal Statement:

If elected, my plan is to lend a hand so things get done, helping in matters such as XDC organization, CfP or anything the board could need from me.

Statement of Contribution:

I'm part of the graphics team at Igalia, where for the past 3 years I've worked mainly on the VK-GL-CTS Khronos project and the Vulkan specification. As part of my work, I communicate often with Mesa driver developers, specially the ones working on the V3DV and Turnip drivers, but also very often with RADV and ANV developers, either to clarify specification text and propose improvements to it, or fixing tests and adding new ones when we detect coverage gaps in CTS and driver bugs that go undetected.

I've also submitted talks and participated in the last two editions of XDC and FOSDEM's graphics devroom this year.

Mark Filion

Current Affiliation: Collabora

Personal Statement:

If re-elected, I would like to continue putting my marketing knowledge to use to support X.Org in its growth. Key projects this year include a refresh of the X.Org website and finding new sponsors for the very first in-person (hopefully) XDC in three years.

Statement of Contribution:

Elected as the first non-technical board member (I am not a developer) just as Covid was taking over the world, my first term on the X.Org board has been a great learning experience. Prior to being elected, I was the proud organizer of the 2019 edition of XDC in Montreal, which brought in record attendance, new sponsors, and for the first time, attendee & speaker gifts.

Lucas Stach

Current Affiliation: Pengutronix

Personal Statement:

In 2012 the X.Org foundation enabled me to take part in XDC by covering my travel costs, which accelerated my professional career into open- source graphics. In the last few years I've been able to visit many conferences, both as attendee and speaker, but none of them master the balancing act of being both very high-profile, with in-depth technical discussions, and at the same time having an extremely low barrier of entry quite like XDC. I believe that this reflects very well on the whole X.Org community, as well as the X.Org foundation, which makes this possible due to its clear mission to foster this kind of open collaboration. When elected I would like to make sure that the foundation stays focused on this path and continues to be the critical resource it is today in bringing together our community.

Statement of Contribution:

I started my journey into open-source graphics as a hobby by contributing to the nouveau Mesa drivers. Since joining the Pengutronix graphics team in 2013 my focus shifted more to embedded devices. I'm a contributor and the kernel driver maintainer to the etnaviv driver targeting Vivante GPUs, while also working on lots of other graphics related topics across the stack. I helped to ship quite a few products based on a fully open stack and try to contribute as much as possible of those developments into the upstream projects.

Alyssa Rosenzweig

Current Affiliation: Collabora

Personal Statement:

I represent open graphics – not a company.

I lead two open drivers and care for the future of each. As an employee of an open source consultancy (Collabora), I’m free from conflicts of interest between a vendor’s bottom line and what’s right for our community.

When proprietary drivers obstructed blobless Chromebooks, I reverse-engineered the Mali. When Imagination posted a compiler, I advised to ensure its sustainability. When only Apple’s GPU blocked universal open drivers, I grabbed an M1 and drew some triangles.

We’ve entered a golden age. From old allies like Intel to newcomers like Imagination, every vendor’s hardware is growing a viable open driver stack.

I don’t want us to lose that.

We are winning, but we’re swimming with corporate sharks. Not every open source project survives its own success. We need a strong board that protects us, that welcomes diverse contributors but stands up against exploitation.

We need eight individuals committed to sustainable software freedom in the graphics stack.

I would be honoured to be one of eight.

Statement of Contribution:

Princess of Panfrost. Archduchess of Asahi.