<alanc> wow, an audience today
<Bart_Massey> Greetings all!  Yeah, visitors.  Welcome!
<mherrb> hi
<anholt> (here)
<ajax> hello
<Bart_Massey> So, this is the last meeting before we change out part of the Board.  To any of you who turn out to be outgoing, let me once again say thanks hugely for your service.  Greatly appreciated.
<Bart_Massey> I think there's not too much meeting to be had today, actually. My only agenda items for this meeting are a couple of election-related ones.
<Bart_Massey> First off, I am about halfway through preparing the minutes from the last year or more for posting.  I should finish tonight.
<hankswap> hi i'm the audience
<Bart_Massey> Hi hankswap!
<Bart_Massey> I am hoping to post to members.x.org; after reviewing the minutes so far I think there are legal details and other things that I would be uncomfortable sharing with random scammers and spammers. :-)
<Bart_Massey> So two questions: is the rest of the Board good with this, and can someone take care of the technical details?
<ajax> sounds fine to me.  what technical details are you thinking of?
<Bart_Massey> Figuring out how to get the stuff onto members.x.org :-)
<Bart_Massey> I was hoping I could just email someone a tarball...
<anholt> Bart_Massey: is it just a pile of text or html?
<mherrb> I'm ok with that, but can't help with the technical stuff.
<Bart_Massey> anholt: just textfiles
<Bart_Massey> anholt: probably about 35 of them.
<Bart_Massey> actually, more.  close to 50
<anholt> Bart_Massey: I can drop them on the server easily
<Bart_Massey> anholt: thanks much
<Bart_Massey> mherrb: Thanks much for posting the XDS announcement!  Is all good on that front?
<anholt> hmm.  but integrating them into the login system would require writing php
<mherrb> yes, although I don't have much to do for now. room is booked and I'm getting in touch with local people to help...
<Bart_Massey> anholt: this is what i feared
<Bart_Massey> mherrb: Great.  Let us know what we can do.
<Bart_Massey> anholt: Is the members.x.org auth system just Apache basic or digest auth with an htpasswd file?
<anholt> Bart_Massey: hahaha
<anholt> (it's worse)
<mherrb> Get Peter Hutterer to come. The people at ENAC working on multitouch really hope to meet him...
<Bart_Massey> anholt: A man can dream, can't he? :-)
<anholt> maybe we should review on board@ and see how much would be questionable for openly publishing.
<Bart_Massey> mherrb: We can bug Peter for you. :-)  Send him an email and Cc the Board and we'll chime in.
<Bart_Massey> anholt: That's what I was hoping to avoid.  I can do expurgated minutes, but I'm hoping we can give members the unexpurgated ones in any case.
<anholt> I fear that if it comes down to "wait for anholt to write php for viewing minutes", nobody will ever get to view minutes.
<Bart_Massey> anholt: Understood.  We'll think of something else.
<Bart_Massey> I guess we could just post the password for viewing the minutes on members without any new PHP. :-)
<anholt> Bart_Massey: oh, that's way easier.
<anholt> yes.
<Bart_Massey> OK, we'll do that for now.
<anholt> I can sign up for getting that going.
<Bart_Massey> OK, I think I'm good.  Anyone have anything else?
<ajax> not i
<Bart_Massey> Move to adjourn
<mherrb> nor do i
<alanc> not me
<mherrb> bye
<Bart_Massey> Bye all!