Date is 2010-06-08, times are UTC+02.

23:02 <alanc> good afternoon
23:03 <+Bart_Massey> Greetings.
23:03 <+Bart_Massey> Apologies for my lateness; previous meeting ran a bit long.
23:03 <alanc> the only thing I have for today's agenda is offering congratulations to dberkholz if he's around
23:04 <alanc> though I suspect there's XDS business to discuss, and maybe Form 1023/501(c)(3) progress?
23:04 <+Bart_Massey> Regardless, and for the minutes, congratulations!  On... ?
23:05 <alanc> the release of his latest medical experiment... 
23:05 <+Bart_Massey> Oh.  Nice!
23:05 <alanc> "Max William, born May 25, 8 lbs 11 oz and 22" long"
23:05 <alanc> 8-)
23:05 <+Bart_Massey> Wow.  Yes, big congratulations.
23:06 <alanc>
23:06 <+Bart_Massey> Is Stewart and/or Keithp here?
23:06 <+Bart_Massey> Pretty, pretty baby.
23:06 <+dberkholz> i'm here
23:06 <+Bart_Massey> Er, Stuart
23:06 <+dberkholz> thanks
23:06 <+Bart_Massey> dberkholz: Holding up OK?
23:07 <agd5f> hey, sorry I'm late
23:07 <+dberkholz> things are settling down enough that i can think straight again, although i'll probably be sleep-deprived for at least another couple months
23:07 <+mherrb> dberkholz: congratulations.
23:08 <+dberkholz> alanc: may 24 actually; just took me a while to get to twitter =)
23:08 <+Bart_Massey> dberkholz: oh well, at least we geeks are no strangers to low-sleep. :-)
23:08 <+anholt> keithp is off at a conference today, unlikely to be here I'd guess.
23:08 <agd5f> alanc: I'll send you what I have so far for the 1023 irs forms if you want to see it.  maybe you have some ideas
23:09 <alanc> dberkholz: what?  you had something better to do?  8-)
23:09 <stukreit> bart: a question for me?
23:10 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: Yeah, wondering how the financial records are doing; are you getting everything from Keithp that you need?
23:10 <+Bart_Massey> I ask because presumably this is part of what is needed to complete the other stuff.
23:11 <+Bart_Massey> IIRC we need a financial report and financial projection; nothing fancy, but at least a modest one.
23:11 <stukreit> I do have a pile of data from keith
23:12 <agd5f> I wrote a list of the remaining things I need for the 1023 form in addition to the financial records
23:12 <agd5f> 1. month our accounting period ends
23:12 <agd5f> 2. phone number? SFLC's number?
23:12 <agd5f> 3. Are we an LLC or a corporation?
23:12 <agd5f> 4. copy of the bylaws
23:12 <agd5f> 5. names, titles, mailing addresses of officers, directors, trustees
23:12 <agd5f> -- Does this include the board?
23:12 <agd5f> 6. conflict of interest policy?
23:12 <agd5f> 7. Successor to another org?
23:12 <agd5f> 8. list of fund-raising activities
23:12 <agd5f> 9. list of xorg copyrights, trademarks, patents, etc.
23:12 <agd5f> 10. types of contributions we accept (land, IP, etc.)
23:12 <agd5f> 11. do we plan to fund organizations in addition to individuals
23:12 <agd5f> 12. financial info
23:13 <stukreit> I do not have a defined deliverable. Is there an old example of these things from this or another small organization?
23:14 <agd5f> stukreit:
23:14 <agd5f> although I don't know of an example
23:14 <+Bart_Massey> No, I think we've never done them before.  Karen at SFLC described it as something simple; just a half-page accounting of how we've spent our money in the past n years (3, I think?) and a plan for how we will spend it in the next m years (2, I think?)
23:14 <+Bart_Massey> You should talk to Karen and/or agd5f to figure out the details.
23:15 <stukreit> Is Karen approachable for this basic kind of question?
23:15 <+Bart_Massey> AFAIK
23:15 <stukreit> So I guess you're saying I should meet with agd5f offline..
23:16 <agd5f> stukreit: I'll forward you what I have so far
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> Our Bylaws require an annual Treasurer Report in any case. :-)
23:17 <stukreit> ok. as a status report, its "nothing to report". as an action item, I have: "talk with agd5f, then with Karen"
23:17 <+Bart_Massey> Perfect.
23:17 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: where can I find a copy of the bylaws?
23:18 <agd5f> all I could find on the wiki was proposed changes
23:18 <stukreit> bart: would you set a delivery date for this?
23:18 <alanc> has a link to the Bylaws
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> stukreit: I'd be more comfortable with alanc doing it as Secretary.
23:18 <+Bart_Massey> Ultimately, he's the lead on this, I think.
23:19 <stukreit> yeah, but he can do me direct bodily harm. I'd rather it was someone far away ;-)
23:19 <agd5f> we have to file some sort of tax thing in delaware
23:19 <+Bart_Massey> :-)
23:19 <alanc> locking you in your office until it's done is indirect bodily harm, not direct...
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> Somebody needs to update the Bylaws page on the wiki to reflect that we've been operating under those Bylaws for several years now.
23:20 <stukreit> I see you've read the new employee handbook carefully
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: what do we need for that?
23:20 <agd5f> if we don't pay by march 1, 2011, we lose our corporation
23:20 <agd5f> pay whatever taxes we owe I guess
23:20 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: Well then.  Let's pay.
23:21 <alanc> Bart_Massey: I guess I should do that as Secretary - I'll add it to my todo list
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: AFAIK, as a 501(c)3 we don't owe any, but it would be good to know.
23:21 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: Thanks
23:22 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: we aren't a 5013c yet until we finish the 1023 right?
23:22 <alanc> I noticed it before, but didn't make a note of it and forgot
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: It beats me.  Talk to Karen.
23:22 <+Bart_Massey> In any case, our total income is tiny, so I doubt we would owe much.
23:23 <agd5f> If you guys want to look over the stuff I just forwarded and fill in any info you may have, I can talk to Karen and organize a call or something
23:24 <agd5f> stukreit: we should talk first I guess to sort out the financials
23:24 <stukreit> ok. any chance you can get a better scan of the delaware notice you just sent us?
23:25 <agd5f> stukreit: I got that from bart
23:25 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: do you have an original?
23:25 <+Bart_Massey> Somewhere
23:25 <agd5f> or just that scan?
23:26 <stukreit> and who is Ian Sullivan?
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> Beats me
23:26 <agd5f> someone at SFLC apparently
23:26 <stukreit> Let's put that on the list to ask Karen.  He might be knowledgable
23:26 <+Bart_Massey> What's the problem with the scan?
23:27 <stukreit> just whining about it. I'll blow it up a bit
23:27 <marcheu> Ian Sullivan is one of the SFLC guys, he was one of the guys I talked to about nouveau I think
23:28 <stukreit> Well, we need a definition or boilerplate of a "delaware annual franchise tax report". Was one ever made before?
23:29 <agd5f> don't know
23:29 <+Bart_Massey> I doubt it
23:29 <+mherrb> the bod wiki on expo is giving me an internal server error. There's definatly something wrong with this machine.
23:30 <stukreit> would it be crazy to ask Ian Sullivan what the heck that is?
23:31 <+Bart_Massey> Not at all
23:31 <agd5f> stukreit: I guess we should email Karen and Ian with what we have and try and get this sorted out
23:31 <alanc> expo's disk is 96% full, but I have no idea what we'd clear
23:31 <+Bart_Massey> agd5f: Agree completely
23:31 <stukreit> I think i've asked enough dumb questions for today. I'll catch up with agd later, you guys can move on with your agenda
23:31 <+Bart_Massey> alanc: We can buy more disk for it if we need to
23:32 <+mherrb> alanc: don't clean the previous years financial reports :)
23:32 <alanc> looks like it's running with something like 2 8gb disks
23:32 <+Bart_Massey> lol that would be easy to not do
23:33 <+Bart_Massey> Cool.  16GB!!!  That's *huge*!
23:33 <+Bart_Massey> We should retire the box, I guess; I think keithp has the plan for replacing it, no?
23:33 <alanc> my phone has twice that 8-)
23:34 <agd5f> weren't there some v40z's floating around unused for a while?
23:34 <stukreit> at mit
23:34 <agd5f> althugh those are pretty old at this point
23:34 <+mherrb> about xds: I tried to mail out the english version of the  short presentation of the event with sponsoring opportunities I originally did in french to seek local sponsors. it bounced at and got stuck on expo. 
23:34 <agd5f> ah
23:34 <agd5f> mherrb: it's alexdeucher @ gmail
23:35 <+mherrb> yes. it bounced because of the pdf attachment apparently.
23:36 <+anholt> Bart_Massey: keithp and tollef have been poking around for $ for new machines, I know, but not succeeding so far.
23:36 <stukreit> agd: they're old if you have something better, but I don't anticipate more hardware from oracle in the forseeable future
23:37 <alanc> last plan I remember discussing for the v40z's was using them as tinderbox clients
23:37 <agd5f> stukreit: they are probably more than enough for what we need
23:37 <stukreit> how about the plan being to get someone nearby to commit to going over there and racking them?
23:38 <alanc> ajax is the closest to them
23:39 <alanc> I can get mail through to but haven't seen board mail go through
23:42 <alanc> so does anyone have anything else to discuss today, or are we ready to adjourn?
23:43 <+Bart_Massey> move to adjourn
23:43 <+emmes> +1
23:44 <agd5f> +1
23:44 <+mherrb> adjourn. I'm tring to get my data sent by pigeons. 
23:44 <alanc> thanks everyone
23:44 <+Bart_Massey> !
23:44 <alanc> meeting adjourned