Date is 2010-07-20, times are UTC+02.

22:59 <alanc> good afternoon
23:00 <alanc> hopefully people's calendars reminded them of the meeting since I failed to
23:00 <+mherrb> I'm there. Hi.
23:00 <+emmes> heho.
23:01 <agd5f> hello
23:02 <dberkholz|mob> Hi
23:02 <+anholt> hi
23:02 <agd5f> thanks everyone for getting me your bios and addresses.
23:04 <+emmes> np. thanks for compiling everything into the documents for the transition.
23:04 <alanc> so you're making progress on the 501(c)3 stuff with Karen?
23:04 <agd5f> the 1023 is just about done.  Karen sent me a draft on Friday.  She's at OSCON this week, but we are meeting again next week to finish it
23:05 <agd5f> the delaware franchise this is also done, I just need to clarify one last thing and find out where to send the check
23:06 <dberkholz|mob> very cool
23:07 <agd5f> and finally, I think we may owe a lot of back taxes on the old xorg llc.  SLFC is looking into it
23:08 <alanc> ouch
23:09 <agd5f> that's about it on my end
23:10 <+mherrb> about xds. any news wrt sponsors?
23:10 <agd5f> mherrb: I'm waiting to hear back
23:11 <alanc> I need to poke now that the people I need to ask are back from vacation
23:11 <+mherrb> And if there are no sponsors, should we cancel the social event, ask participants to pay, or have the foundation pay for it?
23:11 <+emmes> no chance from our side, at least ATM. This might have to be discussed in higher places, though.
23:12 <+emmes> i wouldn
23:12 <+emmes> i wouldn't cancel it. how much are we talking about?
23:13 <+mherrb> about EUR 1500 for 50 persons. 
23:13 <+mherrb> but currently only 33 registrations (including 19 'tentatives') 
23:13 <alanc> we should ask SFLC if there's any restrictions we have to be careful about on paying for stuff like that once we get 501(3)c status
23:13 <+mherrb> so it may be less.
23:13 <+emmes> maybe we should think supporting students or others who cannot afford it. but the exact qualifications would remain fuzzy. which isn't good.
23:14 <agd5f> keithp: btw, one last thing on the 1023, for the financial stuff let me know if you want to schedule a call with Karen.  Stuart wasn't sure what he needed to provide when I talked to him last.
23:14 <agd5f> Karen can probably walk you through it
23:14 <dberkholz|mob> can just trust people to be honest about needing help...
23:16 <keithp> agd5f: yeah, I should have time this week and next to get to that
23:16 <agd5f> BTW, don't tell people their donations are tax deductible yet until we are a 501c3.  I changed the verbiage on the wiki already
23:16 <alanc> donations?  people make those?
23:16 <agd5f> alanc: not that I know of, but we were saying they were on the wiki
23:16 <+emmes> dberkholz|mob: for amounts like this it's probably ok. i would have headaches if it's about larger sums, but we're already sponsoring travel. so it seems ok.
23:21 <alanc> so is there anything else to discuss?   you should have seen in e-mail my progress on the license investigations, and it sounded like we all agreed in e-mail to support jg's request for space to store the old Consortium archives
23:23 <agd5f> yes, I think we should provide the space for jg, backed up if possible
23:23 <+anholt> I assume expo is backed up?
23:23 <+mherrb> agreed
23:23 <+emmes> I think backup is a must for these data.
23:23 <alanc> not sure if it is backed up
23:23 <agd5f> I would guess not
23:24 <+anholt> I see ~jg/Archive/ on it, 500MB, looks like he got started.
23:24 <alanc> is mithrandir admin'ing expo now as well as the fd.o machines?   Would he know the backup status?
23:24 <+anholt> pinging
23:25 <alanc> I know he's helped with the mailing lists, but not sure if that's all on expo or fd.o
23:25 <agd5f> John Jendro said it wasn't on his list
23:26 <+anholt> says he's admin, thinks it's backed up, and keithp would have restore-fu.
23:26 <keithp> news to me
23:27 <+emmes> that sounds a bit... too scary for me.
23:28 <+mherrb> if possible get details on the procedure, and try to restore something...
23:28 <alanc> yeah, it's not on the PSU list since it's at MIT
23:29 <alanc> it sounded like we could pay MIT to back it up, which would be a reasonable use of our funds
23:29  * dberkholz|mob agreed
23:30 <agd5f> agreed
23:30 <+mherrb> +1
23:30 <+emmes> +1
23:31 <+emmes> assuming that backup at MIT is not unreasonably expensive
23:31 <alanc> do we have anyone who is still in contact with MIT folks for the hosting?   I assume someone like Leon originally set that up
23:32 <alanc> or do we just volunteer ajax since he's closest, even though he's not on the board anymore?
23:33 <+mherrb> didn't ajax have physical access there?
23:34 <alanc> I thought so
23:34 <agd5f> does anyone know the deal with MIT?  Do we pay them for ping, power, and pipe?
23:35 <alanc> keithp should know if we've been sending them checks
23:35 <keithp> yes, we pay them every year
23:35 <keithp> quite a bit too, $2500 iirc
23:37 <+mherrb> hopefully there are invoices somewhere, with some details. Who has them?
23:39 <agd5f> maybe ajax knows someone there who knows about the services offered
23:39 <keithp> I have the invoices and have paid the checks
23:39 <keithp> just not right at hand
23:39 <alanc> do the invoices mention backup services?
23:39 <keithp> no
23:39 <keithp> just space, power and bandwidth
23:42 <alanc> so does someone want to volunteer for the AI to chase this down and find out what it takes/costs to get backups done if they're not being done?
23:44 <agd5f> I'll do it if someone can provide with a contact of some sort
23:46 <+mherrb> "someone" should be keithp or ajax no?
23:47 <agd5f> yeah, unless someone else knows
23:47 <keithp> One fears what it will cost though; we're paying a mint for rack space
23:48 <agd5f> we could ask if the rates have dropped as well
23:48 <agd5f> renegotiate our contract
23:48 <alanc> or if it's still worth maintaining two sites - I understand historical ties to MIT, but we've really not utilized that well
23:49 <agd5f> consolidating to pdx is fine with me
23:50 <keithp> alanc: the issue is that the machines at MIT were not donated to, but rather to MIT
23:50 <keithp> although, I expect we could ask for them back and expect to receive them
23:51 <alanc> at this point, I doubt they have much value to anyone - all the machines there are 5-6 years old now aren't they?
23:52 <keithp> indeed
23:52 <keithp> I'm working to replace a similar aged stack at PSU
23:53 <+emmes> i think having a single site is ok nowadays. with git there is not a chance of catastrophic data loss. except for the wiki, i guess.
23:53 <alanc> for software distribution we have more than enough mirrors run by other people
23:54 <agd5f> or copy the data to fdo and let MIT have them.  less machines to maintain
23:55 <alanc> I don't think we're doing any actual replication between the PSU & MIT machines - more of running different services with different account sets
23:56 <+emmes> then it's actually worse to have two sites - increases the number of single points of failure.
23:59 <+mherrb> so back to original point, have fd.o machines enough space to host jg's data?
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00:01 <alanc> ...
00:04 <+mherrb> ...
00:05 <alanc> I don't think we need to worry about exact implementation now, and we've gone past our hour
00:05 <alanc> shall we think about this some more and discuss further in two weeks?
00:07 <+mherrb> sounds reasonable, since we miss some precise information to conclude now.
00:07 <agd5f> sounds good
00:07 <+emmes> as this is important that's a good idea.
00:07 <alanc> anything else for today, or shall we adjourn?
00:07 <+emmes> adjourn, from my side
00:07 <agd5f> +1
00:07 <+mherrb> +1
00:09 <alanc> thanks for coming all - I'll try to send out minutes sooner this time to remind us about this tabled topic