Date is 2011-02-14, times are UTC+01.

23:02 <+alanc> good afternoon
23:02 <+mherrb> hi
23:03 <omcfadde> hello
23:04 <+anholt> hi
23:04 <+alanc> any other board members here?  dberkholz ? keithp ? agd5f ? 
23:04 <+anholt> keithp is off in a meeting
23:04 <+anholt> likely back soon
23:05 <agd5f> hello
23:05 <+alanc> okay, that makes 4 members present
23:06 <+alanc> and maybe a treasurer if I poke stukreit 
23:07 <+alanc> so the first item on the agenda was election status - I saw the announcement this morning with 6 candidates
23:08 <+alanc> is there anything else to report or discuss?
23:08 <keithp> and now I have to head home
23:08 <keithp> change in after school schedule
23:08 <agd5f> any news on the hsbc stuff?  the deadline for the 501c3 stuff is like march I think
23:11 <stukreit> hi. Last week I sent on my contact with the rep in Portland
23:11 <stukreit> ..
23:12 <stukreit> that I got her on the phone and she gave the application a nudge, so they emailed me a PIN number and still have to mail the electronic security device. 
23:13 <stukreit> so, yes, "any day now", "the dongle is in the mail"
23:15 <stukreit> too bad they don't have it in a smartphone app.
23:16 <omcfadde> I'm assuming it's something like a SecurID. I guess having it as software would make it much easier to disassemble.
23:17 <+alanc> so the other thing we'd discussed last time regarding elections & the bank account was changing the bylaws to allow single-signer checks
23:17 <+dberkholz> woops. lost track of this window
23:17 <stukreit> anyway, I did nudge her that I have a deadline to make, which caused her to make a phone call, which caused an email to arrive right then.
23:17 <+alanc> I saw today we had e-mail pointing us to the .odt's for the bylaws - I know Bart had other things he wanted to change but isn't here today
23:18 <stukreit> eg the issue of allowing a single signature for the banking, which we're doing anyway
23:20 <+alanc> did anyone else want to try getting bylaw changes done in time for this election?   seems like we'd be rushing to make it
23:21 <+alanc> election starts in 7 days, and runs for 7 days
23:22 <agd5f> alanc: what's involved in changing a bylaw?
23:22 <omcfadde> is voting done via these meetings, or
23:22 <+alanc> voting for the new board will be done on the website, via secret ballot, not irc
23:22 <omcfadde> I see. thanks for the clarification.
23:22 <+mherrb> I won't mind if we postpone this until a new proposition is really ready. no need to rush imho.
23:23 <Bart_Massey> As always, apologies for my lateness. I teach a class that comes right up to meeting time, so I tend to run over sometimes.
23:26 <+alanc> if I read the current bylaws correctly, we have to provide the amendments at least 72-hours before calling for a vote, and then need a 2/3rds majority of members to vote in favor
23:27 <+alanc> but that's assuming the online election counts as our "annual meeting"
23:28 <Bart_Massey> Sadly, I doubt the online election can count.
23:29 <+alanc> Bart_Massey: before you came in we were discussing if it was practical to have bylaw amendments ready to be voted on when the election is only 7 days away
23:29 <Bart_Massey> Probably not. Can you folks hear me at all?
23:29 <agd5f> Bart_Massey: yes
23:29 <Bart_Massey> Excellent.
23:29 <Bart_Massey> I've lost my nickserv password :-)
23:30 <+anholt> alanc: we've generally considered the xds/xdc the annual meeting
23:30 <Bart_Massey> Indeed.
23:30 <+mherrb> I don't see where article 7 says the vote has to take place during the annual meeting.
23:30 <Bart_Massey> I'd say try to get stuff ready for there.
23:30 <Bart_Massey> That's a more realistic time scale anyhow, IMHO.
23:30 <Bart_Massey> And more likely to be a reasonable crowd in some ways. :-)
23:31 <+alanc> mherrb: no it doesn't seem to, I was up on 3.9 where it talks about conduct of meetings
23:32 <+alanc> so consensus seems to be to have the new board work on bylaw amendments for a later vote, not next weeks?
23:32 <Bart_Massey> +1
23:32 <+mherrb> +1
23:33 <agd5f> either way works for me, as long as I don't have to draft it ;)
23:34 <omcfadde> +1 (I would say it's too short of a timeframe, with the board elections being at the same time)
23:34 <+alanc> okay, next item I had on the agenda was the SFLC donation - when I went back through our archives to find the amount for stuart, I found we'd discussed it and tabled it for later, and never came back to select a final number and vote on it
23:34 <agd5f> +1
23:35  * alanc clearly needs to keep better track of agenda items we table
23:35 <+dberkholz> could they or did they suggest a reasonable number?
23:35 <+dberkholz> we're just picking one out of the air
23:37 <Bart_Massey> Naw, we picked a number at one point. Apparently lost.
23:37 <Bart_Massey> After some investigation, I think we recommended $7500.
23:37 <Bart_Massey> Much of the Board wanted to do $5000, which is also fine with me.
23:37 <Bart_Massey> I wanted to do $10000. :-)
23:37 <+dberkholz> perhaps that's before their people spent lots more time working on our stuff =)
23:37 <Bart_Massey> Anyway, let's just pick a number and get this thing going.
23:38 <+dberkholz> would it be reasonable to set up an annual pledge of a smaller amount instead of a one-time donation, so it's more predictable for them?
23:38 <agd5f> $7500 seems good to me
23:38 <Bart_Massey> dberkholz: we might want to do that *also*.
23:38 <Bart_Massey> Maybe $1000
23:38 <+dberkholz> 7500 to start and then 2k/yr ongoing or so?
23:38 <Bart_Massey> Sure.
23:38 <agd5f> +1
23:38 <Bart_Massey> +1
23:39 <+mherrb> +1
23:39 <+dberkholz> alanc?
23:39 <+alanc> +1
23:39 <omcfadde> +1
23:40 <+alanc> anholt want to vote?
23:40 <omcfadde> off topic: seem to be having some weird troubles with my connection (at least new http connections won't work); so if I drop, that's probably why.
23:41 <+alanc> I'm assuming emmes isn't actually around since he's been quiet
23:41 <+anholt> +1
23:42 <+alanc> okay, will have stuart cut a check
23:43 <+alanc> only other thing I had on the agenda was Moving to PSU, ending MIT hosting
23:43 <+alanc> discussion on the board mailing list seemed to be in favor
23:43 <Bart_Massey> +1
23:43 <agd5f> +1
23:43 <+mherrb> +1
23:43 <+alanc> and while I'm sad we never got much use out of the Sun-donated machines, I also don't think that 6-year old hardware is worth spending much on today
23:44 <+alanc> so +1
23:45 <+mherrb> v20z/v40z where great machines but too loud :)
23:45 <omcfadde> I don't really have an opinion on this matter, but afaik everything else is hosted at PSU
23:45 <omcfadde> so +1 also
23:45 <Bart_Massey> We are putting a machine in at OSU for redundancy
23:45 <omcfadde> of course I don't know much about the network config e.g. backup dns servers...
23:46 <Bart_Massey> Keithp has started that negotiation already.
23:46 <+alanc> mherrb: that's why you put them in machine rooms, not on your desk
23:47  * alanc is only counting the votes from the current board members, not the general agreement from our general membership, though it's nice to know our members agree with us
23:47 <omcfadde> alanc: yes, sorry. marcheu just informed me about the voting.
23:47 <omcfadde> I'll shutup now :)
23:47 <Bart_Massey> no prob. :-)
23:48 <+alanc> it's okay, enthusiam and interest is a good thing
23:48 <+dberkholz> no need to shut up, just avoid the +1's =)
23:48 <omcfadde> ok
23:49 <+alanc> anything else we want to talk about today?   our next meeting should be the day the election closes
23:49 <Bart_Massey> How many candidates did we get?
23:49 <+alanc> 6
23:49 <agd5f> 6
23:49 <Bart_Massey> Cool.
23:49 <+alanc> candidate statements mailed out this morning
23:49 <Bart_Massey> Nice. Thanks much  to the elections cmte.
23:53 <+dberkholz> i've gotta run now
23:53 <+alanc> think it was 3 of our incumbents running for re-election, 2 former board members running to return, and 1 new candidate
23:53 <Bart_Massey> cool
23:53 <+alanc> though we may have to do the intel shuffle again
23:53 <Bart_Massey> :-(
23:54 <agd5f>
23:54 <Bart_Massey> Should we bump the Intel limit by 1 in the bylaws changes ?
23:54 <+alanc> (1 intel employee already on the board, 2 running for election, maximum of 2 allowed to serve)
23:54 <+anholt> I don't think we have any complaints about the limits as they are
23:54 <Bart_Massey> I'm sure. :-)
23:54 <Bart_Massey> I was thinking more of the rest of us. :-)
23:55 <+alanc> if we're keeping the board size at 8, 3 is still too small to be a majority of the membership, though it could be a majority of quorum at any given meeting
23:55 <Bart_Massey> If Intel's X developer hiring quest continues apace, most of you will be able to weasel out. :-)
23:55 <Bart_Massey> alanc: yes, that's what I was thinking.
23:56 <Bart_Massey> Anyway, if we propose the amendments separately the membership could weigh in here.
23:56 <Bart_Massey> I think it's worth at least proposing.
23:58 <Bart_Massey> motion to adjourn.
23:59 <agd5f> +1
23:59 <+mherrb> +1 Zzz
23:59 <+anholt> +1
23:59 <+alanc> see you all on Feb. 28
23:59 <+alanc> which I guess will be the final meeting of the current board
00:00 <+alanc> oh, I and I need to remind Stuart & I to get to work on the annual reports of the secretary & treasurer that are due 60 days after the end of the year