Date is 2013-05-31, times are UTC+10.

Day changed to 31 May 2013
7:05 < whot> ok, let's get this show on the road. keithp and emmes are missing atm, they may join later
07:05 < mupuf_> marcoz: don't worry, you are not alone :)
07:05 < mupuf_> and you aren't late
07:06 <+keithp> yeah, I'm around, just busy writing code...
07:06 < whot> emmes: ping?
07:08 < marcoz> cool,  what's on the agenda for today?
07:09 < whot> XDC payments, XDC general updates, 501c3 and (possibly) a GSoC bit I read up there
07:09 < whot> stukreit: did the XDC payments go through?
07:09 < stukreit> some finance stuff:  OSU cashed our check for $1800
07:10 < stukreit> re GSOC: I just sent email to the Google person to get the straight story on our registration as approved vendor, and will give them my name and home address for correspondance
07:10 < whot> is there something I missed, because that's the first time I heard about it :)
07:11 < stukreit> I have to go to hsbc after this meeting to straighten out the www banking and names on accounts. I just got a letter to my address, but they called me Leon :-)
07:11 < stukreit> whot: I'm learning same as you
07:11 <+keithp> stukreit: aren't you going to switch banks at some point?
07:11 < agd5f> whot: we need to register as a google supplier to get paid by google for the mentor organization stipends and mentor summit reimbursement
07:11 <+alanc> Google sends us checks at the end of GSoC, sometimes we get them, sometimes we lose them
07:12 < stukreit> I don't have an alternative in mind. can anyone suggest one? (bitcoin??)
07:12 <+alanc> this year we're trying harder to get them
07:12 < stukreit> k: When I go in, I'll see if they're not so intransigent on the stupid fees.
07:14 < whot> any deadline on this?
07:14 < stukreit> deadline on what?
07:15 < agd5f> the gosc supplier stuff should be done before the gsoc is over, but there is no explicit timeline that I've seen.  probably better to get it done sooner rather than later
07:16 < whot> ok
07:18 < whot> keithp: any general XDC updates? specifically, if the venue is now paid for can we send out the official announce?
07:18 < mupuf_> speaking about XDC, should we send a call for paper?
07:18 <+keithp> whot: yes, now that they've cashed the check, we're ready to announce dates
07:18 <+keithp> mupuf_: that's all the same -- announce the conf, ask for contributions
07:19 < mupuf_> fair enough
07:19 < marcoz> mupuf_: nice,  you're on top of things!
07:20 < mupuf_> marcoz: well, I may be planning on having XDC2014 in Bordeaux, so, I'm paying attention ;)
07:20 < marcoz> sweeeettt.
07:22 < mupuf_> agd5f: what should we do to announce the list of the accepted students?
07:22 < mupuf_> for those who didn't see it, I sent a mail to the board earlier today with the list of accepted projects and their mentors
07:22 < agd5f> mupuf_: I suppose just email the xorg and mesa lists
07:23 < mupuf_> ok, anything one would like me to change in the email (appart from adding agd5f as a co-mentor with arthur huillet for the xv project)
07:23 < agd5f> mupuf_: your email looked good to me
07:23 < mupuf_> ok
07:24 < agd5f> does anyone know how to add blogs to the fdo planet?
07:25 <+alanc> it used to involve mailing dberkholz
07:25 <+alanc> haven't seen that he's handed it off to anyone
07:25 < mupuf_> oh, never knew there was an fdo planet
07:26 <+alanc> yes, fine print on the very bottom of the planet: To get your feed here, or for technical questions, bother dberkholz. 
07:26 < agd5f> ah cool.  I'll ping him
07:26 <+alanc> mupuf_: there's even a alias to it, for bad Planet X puns, or simply less typing than "freedesktop"
07:26 < mupuf_> :p
07:27 -!- tstellar_ [] has joined #xf-bod
07:28 < whot> ok, next item. stukreit, any updates for the 501c3 paperwork?
07:28 < stukreit> just working with Aaron. not ready to re-file yet
07:30 < whot> ok. by when does this need to be sorted again?
07:30 < stukreit> asap, but no deadline mentioned
07:31 < whot> ok
07:31 < whot> that's the items I had on the list here then, anyone has anything else?
07:31 <+keithp> not here
07:32 <+keithp> who is going to send out the CFP? Should I do taht with bart?
07:32 < whot> yes
07:32 <+keithp> will do
07:32  * whot automatically assumes keitph for XDC-related stuff unless noted otherwise
07:33 <+keithp> good thing I asked the n:-)
07:33 < whot> you would have read it in the minutes :) or not, given that minutes are usually write-only documents...
07:33 <+keithp> hey, I read them
07:35 < whot> I've got one request - I won't be able to make the next meeting (holidays). anyone volunteering for taking minutes?
07:36 < marcoz> if noone else volunteers, I can fill in 
07:36 < marcoz> winter holiday?
07:37 <+keithp> marcoz: I'm not sure there's any day of the year that qualifies as 'winter' where whot lives
07:37 < whot> hey, I'm wearing long pants almost every day now. winter is coming!
07:37 <+keithp> must be < 20
07:38 < marcoz> keithp: 20C  ?
07:38 < whot> a chilly 23C for today
07:38 <+keithp> brr
07:39 < marcoz> how can you work in such barbaric conditions?
07:39 < whot> hehe
07:40 < whot> ok. any non-weather related items? :)
07:40 < mupuf_> sorry guys, sent the GSoC mail to the xorg-devel ML instead of the xorg. One of you will have to accept the mail :s
07:40 < mupuf_> it went through on the dri-devel list, so I guess it is all good
07:41 < mupuf_> and we can expect an article from you-know-who pretty soon anyway
07:42 < marcoz> Voldemort is covering X stuff?
07:43 < mupuf_> ;)
07:43 < marcoz> wait, that's he-who-shall-not-be-named, my bad
07:43 < mupuf_> nope, in the books, they also use "you-know-who"
07:44 < marcoz> the english or french version?
07:44 < whot> alrighty. declaring meeting as closed. see you guys next time.