Date is 2013-06-13, times are UTC+2.

23:02 <+alanc> hello
23:02 <marcoz> gotcha,
23:02 <marcoz> hi alanc
23:03 <+emmes> hey all
23:03 <marcoz> hi emmes 
23:04 <marcoz> who are we still waiting on?
23:05 <+alanc> whot's on vacation, stukreit isn't here today
23:05 <mupuf> marcoz: well, almost everyone it would seem
23:05 <marcoz> agd5f ?
23:05 <+alanc> that leaves agd5f unaccounted for
23:06 <marcoz> shoul we wait another min or two or get the show started?
23:06 <+alanc> ooh, our wiki got converted since I looked last
23:06 <marcoz> yea, when did that happen? I just noticed too.
23:06 <+keithp> yup, in the last couple of days I think
23:06 <+keithp> haven't actually chatted with Joe about the individual conversions
23:07 <+alanc> I saw the main fd.o wiki go a few weeks ago, was still moin last time I went to update the security alert page
23:07 <marcoz> ok with keith is 5, let's get started. who's running this show? I'm just taking minutes
23:08 <+emmes> Ok, what do we have for today?
23:08 <+alanc> since stuart's not here, can't ask for a IRS update, so I guess we get keith to give an XDC update?
23:08 <+keithp> I've got the announcement and CFP all written; just need to post them
23:08 <+emmes> Excellent!
23:09 <+emmes> So this time the CFP is actually somewhat early enough ;-)
23:09 <+alanc> is the facility contract all signed & in order now?
23:09 <+keithp> The CFP requests proposals by Aug 21, which seems a bit late if we want to do travel sponsorship. That's just copying from last year's CFP; anyone care if I bump it up to Aug 1?
23:10 <+keithp> alanc: last I heard they'd gotten paid
23:10 <+alanc> Aug 1 seems fine to me - gives 1.5 months to prepare
23:10 <+alanc> and I'm sure we'll get talks later, just without travel sponsorship
23:10 <+keithp> yup
23:10 <+emmes> right. Aug 1 looks fine.
23:11 <+keithp> ok, I'll give the paper committee a week to accept; anyone think they'll need more time?
23:11 <marcoz> keithp: venue contract signed?
23:11 <+keithp> marcoz: and paid even!
23:11 <marcoz> yay.
23:11 <mupuf> keithp: who is going to be on the paper committee?
23:12 <+keithp> probably Ian and Bart
23:12 <+keithp> unless others want to join the fun
23:12  * mupuf can help on that
23:12 <+emmes> It also seems I still don't have any funds for traveling, I'll ask our faculty, but I might need to ask the board for reimbursment this time again.
23:12 <+keithp> emmes: you might be expected to present then :)
23:13 <+emmes> I can also help, July/August is between terms, so not as much stress as before.
23:13 <mupuf> yeah, I'll need funds too this year. I usually don't ask for europe trips, but I'll have a hard time getting funding from my uni this year
23:13 <+emmes> keithp: I'll certainly find something of interest for you ;-)
23:13 <+keithp> emmes: awesome!
23:13 <+emmes> and if it is about experiences with software rendering :-P
23:13 <+keithp> I've done my share of software rendering...
23:14 <+emmes> I mean software rendering with OpenGL
23:14 <+keithp> sounds good to me
23:14  * mupuf is currently writing a paper about the big picture in power management on NVIDIA
23:14 <+keithp> in any case, I'll send out the announcement and CFP immediately
23:14 <+emmes> (which is breathtakingly fast nowadays, and still astonishingly broken sometimes)
23:14 <mupuf> I can give another presentation about that
23:15 <mupuf> but the paper will already be published though :s
23:16 <+alanc> we don't mind having papers published elsewhere, as long as it's not the exact same talk you gave at a prior XDC
23:16 <mupuf> alanc: oh, the talk will be different
23:16 <mupuf> and I may add more experiments to the paper
23:17 <marcoz> keithp, shall I mark the 'Keigh to send out announce emails'  item as completed?
23:18 <+keithp> yes (as it is done now)
23:18 <marcoz> yay. thx
23:18 <+emmes> ok, what else do we have?
23:18 <marcoz> mupuf:  are you formally requesting travel reimbursement at this time?
23:19 <mupuf> marcoz: no, but I'm very likely to in the next few weeks
23:19 <+alanc> as usual, when you're ready, please mail the board with rough estimates of travel costs
23:19  * mupuf already had problems finding fundings for hardware-related stuff when his PhD study is usually considered as "networks"
23:20 <mupuf> alanc: I'll do so. And I'll book my plane as early as possible to lower the cost
23:20 <+alanc> The Network is the, umm, GPU?
23:21 <mupuf> alanc: for some reason, people fail to realize the number of buses inside a computer make a complete network :D
23:21 <mupuf> I would have liked to see agd5f, as he may have a report on the GSoC
23:22 <mupuf> tstellar: no probs with calim I assume?
23:22 <mupuf> err, curro
23:24 <tstellar> mupuf: No, coding hasn't officially started yet, but I should try and touch base with him before then.
23:25 <mupuf> oh, I thought it already started :) My student has been working for over a month already
23:26 <tstellar> mupuf: Monday is the official start.
23:26 <agd5f> sorry, lost track of time
23:26 <+alanc> schedule is later this year than previous years
23:26 <marcoz> *mupuf is a slavedriver to his students. ;)
23:27 <mupuf> tstellar: ok, thanks :)
23:27 <mupuf> marcoz: mouahahahaha. Well, he was eager to start, not my fault
23:27 <marcoz> agd5f: any GSoC updates?
23:27 <+emmes> think he still isn't here...
23:28 <agd5f> marcoz: so far just helping answer questions for the student I'm co-mentoring
23:28 <agd5f> I need to follow up with the entire mentor team this week
23:29 <marcoz> agd5f: thx
23:31 <marcoz> any other items to discuss? or further comments on existing  topics?
23:32 <+keithp> I'm done here
23:33 <+emmes> nothing from my side
23:33 <marcoz> alanc,  mupuf ?
23:33 <mupuf> marcoz: nothing here
23:34 <marcoz> (in bad aussie accent)  i declare this meeting over. 
23:34 <+alanc> I can't think of anything else
23:34 <agd5f> I'm good