Date is 2013-11-15, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Dec 06 2013
08:13 < whot> should we get started?
08:13 < whot> Agenda isn't much, stukreit, any updates on the leftover payments?
08:14 < whot> other than that, I have nothing  except the continuation from the last meeting
08:14 < stukreit> I dunno. Does the board want me to make them even if the overhead fees are onerous?
08:15 < mupuf_> stukreit: don't bother for me
08:16 <+keithp> stukreit: stuff currency in envelopes and hope it gets there?
08:16 <+keithp> for small amounts, the risk is pretty low
08:16 < stukreit> I haven't pursued. I guess as an exercise I can attempt a transaction, record the exchange rate, get comparable rates from other sources, and try to see what the bank has to say about it.
08:16 < stukreit> keithp: $$ or E's?
08:17 < stukreit>  I frankly hadn't thought of that. Sure, why not?
08:17 <+keithp> stukreit: € if it's easy
08:17 < stukreit> not asking for a vote, but can someone second that suggestion?
08:17 < whot> +1
08:18  * whot tries to look up the actual amounts
08:18 < mupuf_> yeah, that shouldn't be a big problem
08:18 < stukreit> thank you. my forehead has imprint of multiple palm slaps
08:18 < mupuf_> whot: it was about 80/100€ IIRC
08:19 < stukreit> I still have to get the currency converted, so, maths
08:19 < whot> and it's for david, mupuf_ and emmes?
08:19 < stukreit> probably. I don't have that diary/notebook with me today. I will check back
08:20 < whot> the other option is transfer all three to emmes (who presumably has a german bank account) and let him send to david (no-cost) and mupuf_ (probably low-cost)
08:20 < stukreit> I'd prefer to do that
08:20 < mupuf_> I can check with my bank how much they charge for that too
08:22 < mupuf_> apparently, it is free in my bank
08:22 < whot> seems like the solution with the best paper trail then
08:23 < stukreit> ok, send it to mupuf then?
08:24 <+keithp> stukreit: should work fine; either mail a check or wire to the account
08:25 < mupuf_> there is one thing though, if you send me the money by check, I have a 23€ transaction fee
08:25 < stukreit> bank promised me a callback on cheaper 3-day wires, need to followup
08:25 <+keithp> how much are we talking about total?
08:26 < stukreit> about $300
08:26 < stukreit> I'll dig up a report and get agreements before doing it.
08:26 <+keithp> well, one wire transfer (or check) will be cheaper than n
08:27 < stukreit> when I transferred the first money, they charged me only once ($30) for 3 transactions on the same day. so go figure. can't tell what they're going to do.
08:28 < stukreit> pulease, move on!
08:29 < whot> stukreit: ok, I'll leave that up to you and mupuf_, just let us know what you ended up doing
08:29 < mupuf_> whot: ack
08:30 < whot> I think we already ack'd the general amounts, and that there's a cost involved (meeting on the 17/10, I think)
08:30 < whot> so no need for more acks, let'st just get this done
08:30 < whot> mupuf_: want to take the floor for the bylaws continuation?
08:35 < mupuf_> oh, sorry
08:35 < mupuf_> nothing to report on, we were waiting on keithp
08:36 <+keithp> in terms of talking with SFLC?
08:37 < mupuf_> yes
08:37 < mupuf_> and SPI
08:37 <+keithp> afraid I haven't gotten any results there at all
08:37 <+keithp> something about an X server release has been all-consuming for the last month
08:37 < mupuf_> :) when do you expect to be able to contact them?
08:38 <+keithp> I'm trying to make some time this month?
08:39 < stukreit> if they're anything like this place, "gee, the parking lot's empty, I can get a good spot any day"
08:39 < mupuf_> yeah, it would be nice
08:40 < mupuf_> keithp: the rationale behind asking you was that you already know SPI and SFLC
08:41 <+keithp> I realize that, and I'm sorry I haven't found enough time to get that done
08:43 < whot> so seems like we're on hold now, not much we can do in the meeting today then
08:43 < stukreit> might want to wait till 2014, because even if you have the energy to drive, spi/sflc might be winding down for the holidays, which would mean they might suffer start/stop/start overhead.
08:43 < whot> anyone has anything else?
08:43 < mupuf_> whot: yes
08:43 < mupuf_> I was wondering when to do the elections
08:43 < mupuf_> I asked the question the last time, but we were already running overtime
08:44 < mupuf_> I don't want to shorten too much the term of half of the board 
08:45 < mupuf_> it would be nice to do the elections after the FOSDEM
08:45 < mupuf_> which will happen at the beginning of february
08:46 < mupuf_> that means that I have a few more weeks to come up with a list of potential candidates
08:47 < mupuf_> I remember the whole thing lasted a month but I forgot the details.
08:47 < mupuf_> last*
08:47 < mupuf_> lasts*
08:48 < whot> i suspect finding candidates will take a while  so better start sooner than later
08:49 < mupuf_> right
08:49 < mupuf_> are there rules for selection? or can i ask anyone who is recognized as working towards the same goals as the board?
08:50 < whot> you have to be a member, i think that's the only limitation
08:50 <+keithp> mupuf_: usually we ask for volunteers and nominations from the membership
08:51 < mupuf_> keithp: ok, so I should send an email about that
08:52 < mupuf_> I could also write a post on g+
08:52 <+keithp> I'd bet you'll find equivalent emails from previous election cycles
08:52 < mupuf_> speaking of which, we have around 140 followers on g+
08:52 <+keithp> nice
08:52 < whot> mupuf_: last year's announcement
08:52 <+keithp> wonder how many are not members...
08:53 < mupuf_> keithp: possibly a lot
08:53 < mupuf_> I tried adding members to either the VIP or members list
08:54 < mupuf_> I only have 27 people in the circles of the board
08:55 < mupuf_> I posted 13 times (once about a french article about the changes in linux 3.12 where I had spent a lot of time compiling all the changes done in drm/nouveau/etc)
08:55 < mupuf_> I didn't ask, but it didn't seem out of place so I just did it
08:56 < mupuf_> feel free to send me some feedback if you don't like something I'm doing. I'm open to suggestions.
08:56 < mupuf_> whot: thanks :)
08:59 < mupuf_> so, I could send the mail very soon and set the deadline for volunteers to the last week before FOSDEM
09:00 < mupuf_> I have secured a slot at FOSDEM to talk about the changes in the foundation and I could add a reminder for people to become members and vote
09:00 < whot> and you can use the time at fosdem to convince volunteers :)
09:01 < mupuf_> in this case, I should send the call for volunteers in january
09:02 < whot> unless you get the email out within the week, it'll likely be drowned by ppl going on holidays anyway
09:02 < mupuf_> right
09:03  * mupuf_ should take some too, but .... final year of the PhD thesis
09:03 < mupuf_> you know what it is ;)
09:04 < whot> yeah, been there...
09:04 < whot> anyway, so summary is you get the call for nomination out soon, we'll see about the rest after the new year (including reminders, etc.)
09:05 < mupuf_> whot: that will give people roughly two months to volunteer, isn't that a little too long?
09:05 < mupuf_> well, I can re-send it in january anyway
09:05 < whot> last time the period got extended twice, I think. might as well start early
09:05 < whot> the pool of potential candiates is rather small
09:06 < mupuf_> right
09:07 < whot> ok, last thing from me: last meeting this year is 2 weeks from now and then we'll be back to the old schedule on Jan 10.
09:07 < whot> well, Jan 9 for you guys
09:08 < mupuf_> ack!
09:08 < mupuf_> I'm setting the alarm this time
09:09 < whot> alrighty. then I'm declaring this one closed, see you guys in two weeks. Wear a santa hat.