Date is 2014-01-10, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Jan 10 2014
07:59 < whot_> good morning and happy new year
07:59 -!- You're now known as whot
07:59 < agd5f> hi
07:59 <+alanc> hello
08:00 < stukreit> hi
08:01 < marcoz> hi
08:01 < marcoz> good afternoon and happy new year
08:03 < whot> keithp, mupuf: ping
08:03 < mupuf> oh, sorry, I'm here :)
08:04 <+alanc> it's 6am in Perth, keithp should totally be awake now...
08:04  * whot  wonders if keithp is at lca
08:04 < whot> oh, right. I guess that'll explain it
08:04 <+alanc> he was scheduled to give a talk there yesterday, so I hope so
08:05 <+alanc>
08:05 < whot> ok, I suspect he won't show up today then. emmes isn't online here, so let's get started
08:05 < whot> agenda is again small because we're waiting on Keith for the SPI info
08:05 < whot> stukreit: are the XDC payments done now?
08:05 < stukreit> yes, I think he was going to put his foot in the door for that
08:06 < stukreit> I have not done the top-offs yet.
08:06 < stukreit> I owe you a sheet outlining the numbers
08:07 < whot> yes please
08:07 < stukreit> I have to pay the NRAI fee too.
08:07 < whot> I think that needs and explanations for non-US people :)
08:08 < whot> unless you're talking about the NRA of Ireland, in which case we all want an explanation
08:08 < stukreit> Its some kind of management fee to maintain our standing as a delaware corp
08:08 <+alanc> it's not something people in the US know much about either
08:09 < stukreit> "National Registered Agents, Inc"   One of these companies that do odious beurocratic magic for you because your magic wand is too small and you're all out of eye-of-newt
08:12 < whot> hmm, but what do they do?
08:12 < whot> also, how big is that fee?
08:12 < stukreit> $189
08:12 < whot> per year, I suspect?
08:12 < stukreit> yes
08:12 < mupuf> whot: let's hope so yeah ;)
08:13 < stukreit>  I won't try to explain it.
08:14 < mupuf> whot: have you contacted the linuxcon to ask how expensive it would be to be co-located?
08:15 < mupuf> anyway, I guess I should ask my lab too, so as we can compare
08:15 < mupuf> I can ask tomorrow how to do it
08:16 < whot> mupuf: no, not yet, sorry. forgot about it
08:16 < mupuf> is it still something you want to do?
08:17 < whot> it's something that we should investigate
08:17 < mupuf> ack, can I ask you to do that while I ask @ Bordeaux?
08:18 < mupuf> oh, and I'm getting late for sending the mail for the election
08:18 < mupuf> I'll do that tomorrow, still have much to do tonight
08:18 < whot> yeah, I'll do so asap
08:18 < mupuf> great
08:19 < whot> seems to have the only actual information
08:19 < whot>
08:21 < marcoz> jk:q
08:22 < mupuf> marcoz: what is that suppose to mean?
08:22 < marcoz> mupuf:  wrong window. my bad.
08:22 < whot> mupuf: that his irc window isn't vim :)
08:22 <+alanc> that marcoz is a vi user
08:22 < marcoz> and proud of it!
08:22 < mupuf> ahah
08:23 < stukreit> emacs? teco?
08:23 < whot> so, judging from that wikipedia page the NRAI gets my +1
08:23 <+alanc> just as long as it's not xedit
08:24 <+alanc> +1 as well for paying NRAI's annual fee
08:25 < agd5f> +1
08:25 < stukreit> I didn't think we needed a vote, I'm just informing you that the bill is due.
08:26 < mupuf> +1
08:26 < whot> well, same thing :)
08:27 < whot> I need to remember that +1 doesn't just mean "I agree" in these meetings
08:27 < mupuf> I have one other thing to say, about hte fosdem, since we seem to have some time
08:27 < whot> mupuf: go for it
08:28 < mupuf> great. So, I'll be speaking to FOSDEM about the state of the foundation, what we are doing to it (SPI, change the scope in the bylaws) and asking people to become members, present themselves as candidate for the board and vote
08:29 < mupuf> I'll start with basically what you said at XDC, whot
08:29 < mupuf> I'll try to write the slides soon so as I can get them approved
08:30 < mupuf> just to make sure we are all on the same page
08:30 < mupuf> is there anything else I should talk about?
08:32 < marcoz> <crickets chirping>
08:33 < mupuf> marcoz: :p
08:33 < whot> might be worth emphasising the expansion from X to mesa, wayland, etc.
08:34 < whot> there are likely more wayland-interested people there than x peopl
08:34 < mupuf> yeah, that's what I meant by change of scope
08:34 < whot> cool
08:35 < mupuf> well, I'm glad I didn't forget anything
08:35  * alanc can't think of anything else off hand
08:37 < marcoz> nothing on hand either?
08:38 < whot> ok, let's move on before this gets  out of hand
08:39 < whot> mupuf: regarding the election, did we ever agree on a timeline for that?
08:39 < mupuf> whot: kind of, yeah
08:39 < whot> ok, must improve my search-fu then
08:40 < mupuf> we said something like we should send the request sooner rather than later
08:40 < mupuf> as in, I was supposed to do it by the end of december
08:41 < mupuf> and then, we'll leave FOSDEM people a week to think about involving
08:41 < mupuf> and then, the election should beging
08:41 < mupuf> begin*
08:41 < whot> ok, found it. meeting from 06/12/13
08:41 < mupuf> I need to check again the bylaws to check the timing
08:42 < agd5f> IIRC, it should have happened in 2013, but we've slipped to the next year the last few elections
08:43 <+alanc> as I recall, the bylaws don't give exact dates, just something like "once a year"
08:43 <+alanc> the election committee wiki has a better calendar guideline
08:45 < mupuf> alanc: I was talking about the time between when we send the call for candidates and the time the election starts
08:45 <+alanc> that should be in the election wiki
08:46 < whot> any other items on the agenda?
08:46 < agd5f> mupuf, that's in the wiki, not the bylaws IIRC
08:47 < mupuf> ack, I'll have a look then
08:52 < whot> mupuf: FOSDEM is in 3 weeks or so, right? what's your ETA for the call for nominations?
08:52 < mupuf> this week end
08:52 < whot> cool
08:52 < mupuf> I'll just reuse the previous
08:52 < mupuf> call
08:54 < whot> ok. if there's no other items on the list I'm gonna call the meeting closed for today. thanks for showing up, next meeting is in the usual 2 weeks from now
08:55 -!- alanc changed the topic of #xf-bod to: X.Org Foundation Board: wfh! (work from home) | Next Meeting: Jan 23, 2pm pst