Date is 2014-02-06, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Feb 07 2014
08:10 < whot> agenda: xdc payment updates, SPI updates, election updates, XDC updates
08:10 < mupuf> GSoC updates too
08:10 < whot> oh, right
08:11 < stukreit> how about a review of fosdem?
08:11 < whot> stukreit, mupuf: xdc payment sorted yet?
08:11 < mupuf> well, I didn't receive a payment from stukreit, AFAIK
08:11 < stukreit> I give up on finding exact numbers that people think they are owed.
08:12 < mupuf> a payment that I could re-route to emmes and david
08:12 < stukreit> it was something like 70 to 100 euros for 3 people
08:12 < stukreit> should I just ask them what they think the number is?
08:13 < whot> yes, they'll know the difference between what they paid and what they got reimbursed
08:14 < stukreit> k. I have the actual payment transactions in a folder in my bag here.
08:14 < stukreit> Need to push this along today.
08:15 < whot> ok, thanks. even if it's out by a few dollars here and there I'd rather have that done. We can take the hit of a few bucks easier than those requesting sponsorship
08:15  * whot remembers what life was as student
08:15 < stukreit> my offspring are students. I'm constantly shoveling money out
08:16 < stukreit> wait till they discover what the real world is like. hee hee
08:16 < mupuf> stukreit: :p
08:16 < whot> mupuf: can you make sure this gets distributed once you get it? by next meeting, preferably so I can take this of the agenda
08:17  * mupuf is ok on this side. We need to ask david
08:17 < mupuf> sure, I'll contact david and emmes to get their IBAN/BIC
08:17 < whot> ok, let's move on. mupuf, FOSDEM/Election updates?
08:17 < mupuf> sure
08:18 < mupuf> FOSDEM... Not sure what I should tell that I didn't write on G+
08:18 < mupuf> it went very smoothly
08:18 < mupuf> the only problem was keithp not being able to come
08:18 < mupuf> we had a live stream running
08:18 < stukreit> what was libv's burning question?
08:18 < mupuf> and videos should be available soon
08:19 < mupuf> stukreit: ... can't remember :D Maybe it was "what is the point of the board?" or was it "What is our relation with freedesktop?"
08:19 < mupuf> Lucas Stasch asked us if we could fund gl compliance tests
08:19 < stukreit> ok. he should read the bylaws.
08:20 <+keithp> sorry guys, snowpocalypse here today
08:20 < mupuf> idr suggested the foundation could pay for validating swrast/llvm-pipe
08:20 < stukreit> cool! they say its coming to tahoe this weekend
08:20 < mupuf> amd already has the license, so they can validate the radeon driver
08:21 < mupuf> and nouveau... that's the real problem here
08:21 < stukreit> mupuf: I don't think we pay for projects outside of funding EVOC type arrangements
08:21 < mupuf> nvidia may want to certify the driver for Tegra K1
08:22 < mupuf> well, that's the thing, apparently, non-profit orgs could get the test suite for free
08:22 < mupuf> seems like it has been written with us in mind
08:22 <+alanc> so this would be more like our joining VESA to get access to their specs?
08:22 < mupuf> no idea
08:22 < agd5f> I suppose one of us that the hw companies could ask our respective GL teams :)
08:22 < mupuf> agd5f: for radeon, yes
08:23 < mupuf> conformances tests are only for gles
08:23 <+alanc> I think we'd need more details to consider it - it's not like paying someone to write code for us
08:23 < mupuf> for gl, the first version is for gl 4.x
08:23 < agd5f> mupuf, well, that too, but I mean to clarify who to contact about non-profits accessing the tests
08:23 < mupuf> agd5f: ah, ack :)
08:23 < mupuf> indeed
08:24 < mupuf> and we would need to find someone dedicated to running the tests
08:24 < mupuf> the tests aren't public and shouldn't become public
08:25 < mupuf> there was other interesting suggestions .... but I forgot them :s
08:25 < mupuf> I hope the video gets released soon
08:25 < mupuf> I wanted to take notes of all the suggestions after the presetnation, but I had already forgotten
08:26 < mupuf> it is somewhere in my memory, but ... i lost the index
08:26 <+alanc> I hate when I have memory leaks like that
08:26 < mupuf> right
08:26 < whot> fwiw, I agree with alanc, we need some detail of what this actually requires, how to get access, etc.
08:27 < mupuf> well, I also think this shouldn't be the board's work to figure out the details
08:27 < whot> getting access like this to members is somewhat the point of having the foundation, but first we need to know what we're about to do
08:27 < mupuf> I can contact lucas and ask him to get in touch with Khronos himself
08:27 < whot> and potentially what the repercussions are if the tests do leak, etc.
08:27 < mupuf> and we'll deal with Khronos to actually get the test suite
08:27 < agd5f> I can ask our GL team.  That said, idr may be more familiar with it since he's more involved with it in general
08:28 < mupuf> yes, idr is very familiar with it
08:28 < whot> I'd punt this back to idr for more details first
08:28 < stukreit> Can idr be pressed into leading this work?
08:28 < mupuf> I guess we should start a thread on the xorg ML
08:29 < mupuf> for people interested in having a conformance test
08:29 < mupuf> apparently, pingutronix may be interested for nouveau and tegra (since they tend to merge)
08:30 < marcoz> also fwiw, i may not be the boards work to figure out the details but I think helping here is something the board should do
08:30 < marcoz> it
08:30 < mupuf> marcoz: agreed
08:30 < agd5f> on a similar topic, is there any interest in having xorg re-join vesa?  Although I guess most of us have access via our day jobs
08:31 < stukreit> You could say that our VESA membership got us over a hump at the time, but unless someone makes a case to rejoin, we're good.
08:32 < agd5f> seems reasonable
08:33 < whot> ok, summary is: get more info from ian/lucas on what they want and what is required
08:33 < whot> anything else from FOSDEM?
08:33 < mupuf> so, do we agree that we should delegate this work to those interested?
08:33 < whot> definitely
08:33 < stukreit> +1
08:33 < marcoz> yes
08:34 < agd5f> +1
08:36 < whot> mupuf: anything else from FOSDEM?
08:36 < mupuf> well, we had good room occupation
08:36 <+alanc> +1
08:37 < mupuf> and I couldn't do the live coverage I wanted on G+
08:37  * mupuf was too damn tired from not sleeping much on friday and saturday evening
08:37 < mupuf> and I was taking questions too
08:38 < mupuf> and people wanted to talk about several stuff, like porting nouveau to the BSD
08:39 < mupuf> anyway, must be good for FOSDEM
08:39 < mupuf> as for the election, the nomination period ends on the 13/02 IIRC
08:40 < mupuf> I'll send a reminder email on monday, to tell this is the last week
08:40 < whot> cool, thanks.
08:40 < whot> keithp: any updates on SPI?
08:43 < mupuf> whot: can I give my update on GSoC?
08:44 < mupuf> (since keithp seems to be away)
08:44 < whot> mupuf: yes please
08:44 < mupuf> ok, well, I am not done registering the Org yet, there are a few questions I haven't answered yet
08:45 < mupuf> Alex helped me with some of them by giving me the answers he previously gave, but google have changed the questions a bit
08:45 < stukreit> do you want to mail the questions to the board for help?
08:45 < mupuf> stukreit: oh, sure, good idea
08:46 < mupuf> I'll do that, so as you can also see how I updated Alex's answers
08:46 < stukreit> thanks
08:46 < mupuf> there was one pressing issue though, knowing how many mentors we are going to have and project ideas
08:46 < mupuf> I sent a call yesterday on G+ and the major ML
08:47 < stukreit> I suppose the answre is 2 or 3.  It's a forecast, after all
08:47 < mupuf> well, previous years, we had between 4 and 5 projects
08:47 < agd5f> yeah, just a forecast. guess based on previous years
08:47 < stukreit> oh ok
08:47 < mupuf> I'll answer that then :)
08:48 < agd5f> I think I said 4-5 or something like that last year
08:48 < mupuf> we still need to add projects to the list
08:48 < marcoz> .
08:48 < mupuf> so far, no projects have been proposed
08:48 < agd5f> need to update the ideas page
08:48 < mupuf> agd5f: in what way?
08:49 < agd5f> mupuf, add new ones, remove completed ones
08:49 < mupuf> ah, right, yeah
08:49 < marcoz> do we still need to dress it up?
08:49 < mupuf> I would like to keep the old ones until we have enpugh new ideas
08:49 < mupuf> it gives people a good template
08:50 <+alanc> last years refresh got us back in after being excluded the year before
08:50 < agd5f> google wants to see a decent ideas page.  2 or 3 years ago we didn't get in because our ideas page wasn't good enough
08:50 < mupuf> 2 years ago, yeah
08:52 < whot> maybe worth pining last year's mentors directly if they have any ideas and be willing to mentor again
08:53 < whot> sometimes you get more from a direct email than from a generic one to the list
08:53 < mupuf> or students ;)
08:53 < mupuf> I guess contacting david herrmann would be a good idea
08:53 < mupuf> he is likely to want to continue working and he'll have good ideas
08:54 < mupuf> I can ask my previous student, he will likely be interested in continuing working on his project
08:54 <+keithp> sorry, dealing with weather here. I've contacted aaron williamson and the SPI president to get their input into building a transition plan.
08:54 < mupuf> whot: you can ask airlied directly
08:55 < whot> can do
08:56 <+keithp> agd5f: I should put together a list of projects that I have; everything from kernel through window systems just dealing with vblank
08:56 -!- marcoz [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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08:56 < mupuf> keithp: sounds good :)
08:57 < agd5f> keithp, perfect
08:57 <+keithp> and a bunch of little mesa projects filling in extensions we can do now
08:58 < mupuf> keithp: for gallium + the original mesa drivers?
08:58 <+keithp> mupuf: yup
08:58 < mupuf> damn, the student will have to be good :p
08:59 < whot> ok, we're almost out of time. keithp, any ETA on the SPI plan?
09:00 <+keithp> whot: I'll have something to present next meeting, I'm sure
09:00 < whot> sounds good
09:00 < stukreit> looking forward to it
09:01 < whot> ok, that should be it for today then. any more comments?
09:03 < whot> in that case, the crickets and I decide that the meeting is closed :)
09:03 < whot> thanks for attending, see you in 2 weeks