Date is 2014-02-21, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Feb 21 2014
08:04 < whot> Agenda: XDC Payments, updates on the GL compliance tests (if any), GSoC, SPI
08:04 < whot> stukreit, mupuf_: payments done yet?
08:04 < mupuf_> whot: you forgot XDC 2014 ;)
08:05 < mupuf_> nope, no payments yet
08:05 < stukreit> we have to get the number together. mupuf: Do you have any emails from the recipients (we should finish this up offline)
08:06 < whot> mupuf_: oh, right XDC2014. you don't get to talk about that until you've sorted out the payments for 2013 :P
08:06 < mupuf_> you mean, the email address of every recipient? I think so
08:06 < mupuf_> whot: but .... but .... I had good news :s /me is a sad little panda
08:07 < mupuf_> I should even say, very fresh news (from the day of today)
08:08 < whot> stukreit, mupuf_: please sort that out by the next meeting
08:08 < whot> mupuf_: ok, XDC2014: shoot
08:08 < mupuf_> ok, we will ;)
08:09 < mupuf_> XDC2014: We have the blessing of the director of the research lab ("excellent initiative" he said). Room booked!
08:09 < mupuf_> so, I created the XDC2014 event page
08:09 < mupuf_> and started filling it
08:10 < mupuf_> I also need to contact the sysadmins of my lab for the wifi
08:10 < mupuf_> and ask the secretaries for the contact info of the companies who usually do the catering
08:10 <+alanc> says October 8-10 - is that right after the Linux conference in Germany we were trying to follow?
08:10 < whot> alanc: right before
08:11 <+alanc> okay, so people will come to France, then hop to Dusseldorf?
08:11 < mupuf_> well, "right before", we have the week end for a social event and travel to düsseldorf
08:11 <+alanc> that sounds like it should work
08:11 < keithp> we'll manage somehow
08:12 <+alanc> even if you have to go through Brussels on the way to make up for missing FOSDEM?
08:13 < keithp> well, it's likely I'll be going through amsterdam, given the airline choices
08:13 < mupuf_> how convenient ;)
08:14 < whot> mupuf_: when are you planning the CfP for?
08:15 < mupuf_> well, usually, we send it a month before, I'll try to send it in March
08:15 < whot> also, do we usually notify lwn or do they pick it up themselves?
08:15 < keithp> whot: we usually send mail to them
08:15 < keithp> it's polite
08:16 < whot> ok, I can do that then
08:16 < mupuf_> whot: you mean, to invite them?
08:16 < keithp> mupuf_: first to get the even on the lwn calendar, I'd hope
08:16 < whot> i think we should invite them too, coverage in the past has been excellent
08:17 < keithp> yes, that'd be awesome
08:17 < marcoz> +1 to invite them if it needs a vote.
08:17 < whot> and if travel sponsorship is required I think that's a worthy investment
08:17 < mupuf_> whot: yeah, I wonder who will come though!
08:17 < whot> plus, with linuxcon/LPC after they may get sponsored by them already
08:17 < whot> mupuf_: I don't think we get to pick tha :)
08:18 < mupuf_> whot: I'm sure we don't ;) it's ok ;)
08:18 < keithp> whot: but do offer paid travel for them
08:18 < keithp> I'm not sure we should call it 'sponsorship' as it's not even close to charity...
08:19 < whot> I suspect none of the 501c3 rules get in the way there?
08:19 < keithp> I don't think so; we're paying for someone to publish articles about activities
08:19 < whot> ok
08:19 < whot> do we need a vote on this?
08:20 < keithp> yes
08:20 <+alanc> probably comes under publicity
08:20 < mupuf_> and that should be a pretty usual contract
08:20 < keithp> +1 to offer paid travel to XDC for reporter
08:20 < mupuf_> "contract"
08:20 < whot> +1
08:20 < mupuf_> +1
08:20 < stukreit> +1
08:20 <+alanc> +1
08:20 < marcoz> +1
08:20 < whot> vote carried, thanks
08:20 < whot> mupuf_: anything else for XDC?
08:21 < mupuf_> well, appart that we indeed got the room for free, nothing
08:21 < agd5f> +1
08:21 < stukreit> figure out some lodging recommendations?
08:21 <+alanc> more budget for catering/events then!
08:21 < keithp> and dining
08:22 < mupuf_> yeah, I need to have a look at the lodging
08:22 < mupuf_> I want you to sleep downtown though
08:22 < mupuf_> and take the tram in the morning
08:22 < mupuf_> this way, no stress about missing the last tram or getting too lost
08:23 < keithp> oh, so try to ride the trams only when sober
08:23 <+alanc> some of us will sleep whereever the corporate travel office approves, though we usually have a bit of choice there
08:23 < stukreit> sounds fun. Is the distance (long) walkable?  I enjoyed lots of walking in nurmberg
08:23 < mupuf_> stukreit: yes, everything is walkable
08:24 < mupuf_> but if you want to go from downtown to the uni, it will take you 40-50 minutes instead of 10-15 ;)
08:24 < mupuf_> dining won't be a problem, even during the day
08:25 < mupuf_> (unless there are like 100 people coming, in this case, we'll need to rent a room in the place we usually eat)
08:25 < mupuf_> but I don't think it will happen ;) And we could also buy pizza and other delivery
08:26 < mupuf_> (in the worst case scenario)
08:26 < mupuf_> but there are like 5 good restaurants around the campus
08:26 < whot> pizza-delivery surely has to be the worst-case scenario :)
08:26 < mupuf_> italian, 2 general food and crêpes
08:27 < marcoz> I hear French pizza is up there with the wine and cheese.
08:27  * keithp imagines pizza with roast duck
08:27 < whot> ok, let's move on. mupuf_ anything noteworthy on the GSoC?
08:27 < mupuf_> keithp: we sure do that ;)
08:27 < mupuf_> nope, we'll know pretty soon though, 4 days IIRC
08:27 < whot> ok. any updates on the GL compliance tests?
08:28 < mupuf_> I don't think I was in charge of that ... can't remember what we had to do
08:28 < mupuf_> except finding someone interested in doing it
08:29 < whot> "ACTION: Contact those that suggested the items for more details" was last meeting's agenda
08:29 < whot> that was idr and someone else, iirc?
08:30 < mupuf_> yes, lynxeye
08:30 < mupuf_> I can contact lynxeye :)
08:31 <+alanc> I think that was your action mainly because you knew who asked you about it at FOSDEM to get more info from
08:32 < whot> indeed. mupuf_ pls send them both an email requesting more information
08:32 < whot> until that comes back we shouldn't spend more time on this
08:33 < whot> ok, last and probably biggest item on the Agenda: SPI. keithp?
08:33 < mupuf_> whot: agreed
08:33 < keithp> whot: I met with SFLC and SFLC+SPI last week
08:34 < keithp> SFLC described the process of dissolving the current corporation and moving assets to SPI; it looks long winded, but not particularly difficult
08:34 < keithp> We need to identify all of our assets precisely
08:34 < keithp> and that includes copyright, trademark and patents (the hard parts) along with physical assets (machines) and financial assets
08:35 < keithp> I expected to get a write up of the process from SFLC before the meeting today, but I haven't received that yet
08:35 < keithp> In any case, we'll have three years after we start the dissolution process before the corporation goes away
08:35 < keithp> so lots of time to clean things up
08:37 < keithp> SFLC handles legal work for SPI as well, which appears to simplify and complicate the process; simplify because communication is easier, and complicate as SFLC has to make sure they're wearing the right hat for each of their actions, and that both parties are aware of the potential for conflict
08:37 < keithp> Until I get the write up from SFLC, I don't know that we can do anything formally here
08:38 < mupuf_> do we have patents or was it sarcastic?
08:38 < keithp> We should make sure that we don't
08:38 <+alanc> shoot, that reminds me I still have to go chase down Leon & Stuart A. for the IP transfers from TOG to X.Org
08:38 < keithp> alanc: that would be wonderful, yes
08:38 < stukreit> Does anyone now have a list of these assets?
08:38 < keithp> as I said, we have three years to finish that kind of thing though
08:39 < keithp> stukreit: not that I know of
08:39 < stukreit> 3 years can quickly turn out to be "just enough time"
08:39 <+alanc> doubt we have any current patents, since the X Consortium folded in 1994, so we'd have hit the 17 or 20 year expiration points now
08:39 < whot> keithp: what's the worst case scenary, i.e. we can't find the IP transfers, etc.
08:39 < keithp> We certainly haven't encouraged copyright assignment, but Eric found one instance in the server sources already
08:39 < keithp> whot: I don't know
08:39 <+alanc> we may or may not own all the code listed as Copyright X Consortium or Copyright Open Group
08:40 < keithp> alanc: would be nice to sort that out
08:40 <+alanc> right, and you forwarded me some mails after Portland XDC I was supposed to follow up on and forgot about
08:40  * alanc makes notes on todo list
08:41 < whot> what I'd like to know is mainly if we can't identify some assets, would they just be left out, would that stop us joining SPI, or any other effect? I suppose it's the former
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08:45 <+alanc> yeah, figured copyright was the big IP issue for us, since we never registered the trademark
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08:48 < whot_> huh, netsplit. wonder if I missed anything
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08:49 < whot_> last message I have here was my comment "what I'd like to know", followed by alanc's "yeah, figured"
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08:49 < stukreit> you haven't missed anything
08:49 < mupuf_> whot_: you didn't miss anything
08:49 < whot_> we also seem to have marcoz MIA now
08:50 <+alanc> I didn't see your comment, but nothing else followed mine
08:50 < whot_> ok, to bring that back on track - we're waiting for the SFLC writeup on the process. alanc chases up TOG IP transfers
08:51 < whot_> open question is what the effect is of us failing to identify assets
08:51 < whot_> anything I'm missing?
08:52 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
08:52 < marcoz> .
08:52 <+alanc> think that question has to go to SFLC if it's not covered in their writeup
08:52 < whot_> yeah
08:53 < whot_> marcoz: you haven't missed much
08:53 < whot_> marcoz: still on the same topic
08:53 < marcoz> ok.  did it kick everone off?  took several mins to reconnect.
08:53 < whot_> ok, there isn't much we can do until the writeup, so unless anyone else has anything they would like to bring up we can call it a day
08:53 < marcoz> whot_: thx
08:53 < whot_> well, the start of a day, in my case.
08:53 <+alanc> elections?
08:54 <+alanc> though that's pretty straight forward now: mupuf posted candidates
08:54 <+alanc> I promised to set up the ballot to run next week, since we're a week behind
08:54 < whot_> we've got 4 canditates, with the q&a period on
08:55 <+alanc> the results are a guaranteed nailbiter
08:55 < whot_> so as long as we meet the quorum the outcome won't be too surprising
08:55 < mupuf_> :)
08:55 <+alanc> unfortunately, we failed to get the SPI merger or bylaw updates done in time to throw on this ballot, so will have to hold those votes later
08:56 < whot_> inauguration exercise for the new members ;)
08:57  * agd5f re-thinks running...
08:57 < whot_> hehe
08:58 < whot_> ok, I think we're done for today. meet again in two weeks. thanks for coming