Date is 2014-03-07, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Mar 07 2014
08:10 < whot_> ok, with that out of the way, let's get started
08:10 < stukreit> except I can't click on the topic line
08:11 < whot_> not much on the agenda I think, XDC updates if any. the XDC payments are resolved, check your inbox for Stuart's email. the total off was neglegible
08:11 < marcoz> whot_: ...and one roadhouse.    lol, awesome
08:11 <+alanc> then
08:13 < mupuf> whot_: so, XDC updates ... well, I managed to book the room in front of the conference room for us to put drinks and food
08:13 < mupuf> and loads and loads of cannel├ęs
08:13 -!- alanc changed the topic of #xf-bod to: X.Org Foundation Board: wfh! (work from home) | Next Meeting: Mar 20, 2pm pdt
08:14 < stukreit> remind me of the dates for xdc2014?
08:14 < whot_> stukreit: 8-10 oct
08:14 < stukreit> k
08:15 < mupuf> I don't think I have anything else to add, except that there are people who are really looking forward to it!
08:15 <+alanc> CFP in a couple months?
08:16 < mupuf> the sooner the better, I would say
08:16 < mupuf> I think I should get everything together in April
08:17 < whot_> sounds good
08:19 < whot_> keithp: anything from SPI?
08:19 < keithp> whot_: lots from SPI
08:19 < keithp> or, rather, lots from SFLC
08:20 < keithp> I have a long email from the discussions, and I think I can just forward that to the board list
08:21 < keithp> the first requirement is that we check our existing by-laws and see if we need a vote of the full membership to dissolve the corporation
08:22 < keithp> after we figure out how to dissolve, we should officially ask SPI to let us join
08:22 < keithp> once we've got both ends figured out, we can start the dissolution process and work on moving funds from the existing account to SPI
08:23 < keithp> The other big item is to list exhaustively all of our other assets
08:23 < keithp> so, that's hardware and (more importantly), copyrights, trademarks and patents
08:23 < keithp> as we will no longer be a separate "real" corporation, we'll have to transfer those to SPI
08:24 < keithp> the good news is that will live for three years after we decided to dissolve, so we have a lot of time to find these  things and get them transfered
08:24 < keithp> that three year period is a legal requirement from Delaware (where we are incorporated)
08:25 <+alanc> Bylaws 3.8 requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Members for "the termination or dissolution of X.Org"
08:25 < keithp> alanc: ok, sounds good
08:25 <+alanc> (the full membership of the org, not just of the board)
08:25 < keithp> yes, of course
08:25 < keithp> the board is just a represenative body, not the membership
08:26 <+alanc> yeah, just realized I hadn't pasted the part of 3.8 that said that
08:26 <+alanc> also covers "the entering into of an amalgamation, merger or consolidation with any other corporate body" and "the distribution of substantially all of X.Orgs assets"
08:26 < keithp> sounds germane then :-)
08:27 <+alanc> yep
08:28 < keithp> so, we need to draft a ballot and contact SPI at about the same time. Once SPI invites us to join, we should post the ballot and then inform SPI when the ballot is over whether it passed or not
08:29 < keithp> alanc: the 29 oct 2006 by-laws are still current, right?
08:30 <+alanc> I think so, since we never finished any of our threatened attempts to amend them that I recall
08:30 < keithp> cool
08:30 < keithp> we don't have a text copy of those anywhere, do we?
08:31 < keithp> the pdf appears to be just images
08:32 < mupuf> alanc: we cannot update them without a vote ;)
08:32 < mupuf> hence why I created an spi branch
08:32 < stukreit> Hopefully we can get this dissolution done without updating anything.
08:33 <+alanc> keithp: there's the .tex version in the git repo mupuf made
08:33 <+alanc> which I still can't figure out why cgit refuses to show
08:34 < mupuf> alanc: they moved to xorg/by-laws
08:34 < mupuf> but ... I asked to get cgit working for them
08:34 < mupuf> and didn't get it
08:35 < mupuf> One really need to ask often on #freedesktop to get something :)
08:35 <+alanc> still says nothing for me
08:35 < mupuf> at least, I can now commit to it!
08:35 < mupuf> yep
08:36 <+alanc> hmm, still seems to be in foundation when I look on kemper
08:36 <+alanc> xorg/foundation/bylaws.git
08:36 < mupuf> ah, right sorry
08:37 <+alanc> deleted & recreated git-daemon-export-ok just in case
08:37 <+alanc> wonder if the new subdir needs to be added to some config file
08:38 < keithp> alanc: only tollef knows
08:40 < whot_> so who's volunteering to traft the ballot?
08:41 < stukreit> I'll do it
08:41 < keithp> whot_: I suggest letting SFLC figure out what it needs to say 
08:41 < stukreit> even better
08:41 < keithp> I think it will need to be pretty specific and address each of the steps in turn
08:41 < keithp> I've sent our bylaws off to SFLC
08:43 < whot_> ok, so we're waiting here. I suppose the asset listing can start once the vote is approved?
08:44 < whot_> i mean we could start now, but that seems like wasted effort if the vote doesn't pass
08:44 < keithp> whot_: we'll have three years to finish that up, so there doesn't appear to be any big hurry
08:44 <+alanc> I still have an AI to poke some people to find out what IP assets got transferred from the open group to X.Org
08:45 < keithp> alanc: that would be good to resolve reasonably soon; that's a lot of copyright
08:46 < whot_> any other topics for today?
08:49 < whot_> the crickets say no
08:49 < keithp> I got nuthin
08:50 < whot_> ok, in that case we're done for today. see you guys in two weeks