Date is 2014-04-17, times are UTC-7.

[15:00] <mupuf_> keithp: ok, any update on SPI?
[15:00] <keithp> nope
[15:00] <mupuf_> ok, brb
[15:01] <marcoz> mupuf_: how's gsoc going?   looks like you're handling things quite well from the emails I see.
[15:02] <stukreit> hello
[15:03] <marcoz> hi stukreit
[15:03] <mupuf_> marcoz: I'm back
[15:04] <mupuf_> GSoC seems to be in order
[15:06] <mupuf_> so, has anyone decided who will be the secretary today?
[15:06] <marcoz> very nice. you're doing a really good job.
[15:06] <marcoz> i think I heard mupuf_ volunteer to be sec
[15:06] <mupuf_> ah ah, I wouldn't mind if someone else did it ;)
[15:07] <agd5f> hi
[15:07] <stukreit> how about: does anyone have an agenda?  I remember the topics (other than above) include XDC planning
[15:07] <mupuf_> egbert,  stukreit, alanc-away: there?
[15:07] <mupuf_> I can talk about the GSoC and XDC
[15:07] <mupuf_> and that's all I have to talk about
[15:08] <stukreit> hmnn, alan's not in today.
[15:08] <mupuf_> oh, no, we should talk about the 30 years of X and 10 years of
[15:08] <mupuf_> ok, so I'll start with the GSoC
[15:10] <mupuf_> Google will disclose the list of the accepted students very soon
[15:10] <mupuf_> (Monday?)
[15:11] <mupuf_> I think that's it for the GSoC
[15:12] <mupuf_> any questions before I move on to XDC?
[15:13] <mupuf_> I'll take this silence for a no
[15:13] <mupuf_> so, XDC
[15:13] <mupuf_> I started filling the XDC2014 page:
[15:14] <mupuf_> We should have badges, given for free by the uni
[15:14] <mupuf_> at one point, they weren't sure they could provide us the plastic holder with it, but it seems like they will buy more and not charge us
[15:15] <mupuf_> I invited wayland DE devs to come to the conference
[15:15] <mupuf_> so far, only KDE's Martin Grässlin answered and said he would be coming
[15:15] <mupuf_> (and he was already planning on coming)
[15:16] <mupuf_> he also came in 2012
[15:16] <mupuf_> I'm still waiting on an answer from Gnome (Jasper would be nice) and Enlightenment
[15:17] <mupuf_> should we invite collabora too? Since they wrote a shell for the R. Pi
[15:17] <stukreit> FYI When I click on Edit, our firewall security complains "This Connection is Untrusted.  You have asked Firefox to connect
[15:17] <stukreit> securely to, but we can't confirm that your connection is secure.
[15:17] <stukreit>           Normally, when you try to connect securely,
[15:17] <stukreit> sites will present trusted identification to prove that you are
[15:17] <stukreit> going to the right place. However, this site's identity can't be verified.
[15:17] <mupuf_> hmm, weirfd
[15:17] <mupuf_> indeed, the certificate expired
[15:18] <stukreit> alrighty then. I fear getting a friendly inquiry from the IT department
[15:19] <mupuf_> ok, so, next in line was the CFP
[15:19] <mupuf_> I wrote it:
[15:19] <mupuf_> but I didn't send it .... for some reason
[15:19] <mupuf_> maybe I got interrupted and forget about it
[15:20] <mupuf_> ah, I had a question
[15:20] <mupuf_> does anyone feel strongly about having paper proceedings?
[15:20] <mupuf_> I think it is usually a waste of paper, so...
[15:20] <agd5f> I'm fine with not having paper copies
[15:21] <stukreit> +1
[15:21] <mupuf_> can you check the dates for when the proposals are due to?
[15:21] <agd5f> a month seems fine to me
[15:22] <mupuf_> what I don't like is that we give the notification of acceptance is a bit late
[15:22] <mupuf_> basically, a week before the event
[15:23] <mupuf_> As for the internet, we should be good
[15:23] <mupuf_> they will create an ESSID for us and give me the key
[15:24] <mupuf_> as for the video recording, we may have a problem
[15:24] <mupuf_> the camera is actually very crappy
[15:25] <mupuf_> the lab may actually buy a new one, but that's not for sure
[15:26] <mupuf_> to finish, I need to add the list of hotels (that I'll get very soon from the research assistants)
[15:26] <mupuf_> and then I'll have a look at the social event
[15:26] <mupuf_> how much would the foundation be ready to pay for the social event?
[15:27] <stukreit> I suppose up to $50US per person
[15:28] <agd5f> we should find out if any companies can sponsor some of it too
[15:28] <mupuf_> given that the room is free, I was expecting a little more
[15:28] <mupuf_> but I have no idea
[15:28] <stukreit> since we don't have conference room rentals, our costs are primarily in the sponsorships, which comes to about $2000 * 4 (generally, roughly)
[15:28] <mupuf_> (how much it would cost)
[15:29] <mupuf_> well, actually, $50/head adds up pretty quickly
[15:29] <mupuf_> as a group, it should be sufficient
[15:29] <stukreit> I just threw a number out there. that would cover a good dinner.  Go look around, and maybe get a few options on the table
[15:29] <mupuf_> ack :)
[15:30] <mupuf_> should we expect 50% of the attendants to come to the social event?
[15:30] <mupuf_> we could stay in Bordeaux and in this case, it will be simple to organize
[15:30] <stukreit> I'm sure you can think of 1 or 2 restaurants pretty quickly, unless you have a catered boat ride or similar entertainment. (are you near a river)
[15:31] <mupuf_> but I thought you would rather visit a wineyard
[15:31] <mupuf_> or something alike
[15:31] <agd5f> yeah, that would be nice
[15:31] <mupuf_> we could go to saint emilion, where the best Bordeaux is made
[15:31] <agd5f> if they could accommodate large parties
[15:31] <stukreit> That might be nice. but I'm in norcal, we're competitive on that (not a oenophile)
[15:31] <mupuf_> in this case, we could even take the train
[15:32] <stukreit> now you're talking.  sounds like a day trip.
[15:33] <mupuf_> yes, it would be a day trip
[15:34] <stukreit> starting to sound very nice. how far is it, I bet we have a group that would do it on bicycle.
[15:34] <marcoz> a day of good wine and we get a trainride throw the countryside? oh yea.
[15:34] <mupuf_> ah ah, that would be a bit long :D
[15:35] <stukreit> how far (he asks with his bike behind him, crowding the small office)
[15:35] <mupuf_> 40km
[15:35] <mupuf_> 25miles
[15:35] <stukreit> no prob.
[15:35] <mupuf_> hmm, but you would have to take different roads
[15:35] <mupuf_> you cannot take the highway
[15:36] <mupuf_> google map says 51 km
[15:36] <stukreit> we can talk about it more later, but I would really like to do that, and I bet  there are a lot of participants to join
[15:37] <mupuf_> cycling to Saint Emilion?
[15:37] <mupuf_> if it rains, you won't be happy :D
[15:37] <mupuf_> and I don't know where we could find enough bikes :s
[15:37] <stukreit> again, no problem.  cycling in the south of France is a special thing.  we'll work on this
[15:38] <mupuf_> hey hey, agreed, it is very nice
[15:39] <mupuf_> and for those who don't want to cycle, we can have the train (return ticket 18b,, 36 minutes of travel time in each direction)
[15:40] <mupuf_> in this case, I would just have to check ahead of time which wineyard we can go to
[15:40] <mupuf_> and while the cyclists come, the ones who took the train could visit the city with a tour guide
[15:41] <mupuf_> so, I'll send the CFP and contact the tourism office to see what we can do
[15:42] <mupuf_> ok, let's move on to the 30 years of X and 10 years of
[15:42] <mupuf_> we should do something at XDC about right, shouldn't we?
[15:44] <agd5f> yeah
[15:45] <mupuf_> shirts?
[15:45] <mupuf_> or an evening? I don't know :s
[15:53] <mupuf_> so, who is going to be the secretary?
[15:53] <mupuf_> please, do not ask me :D
[15:54] <marcoz> I guess I can type up the minutes.
[15:55] <marcoz> ok, any more topics or business to discuss?
[15:55] <marcoz> we still want to discuss 30 years of X and Xorg right?
[15:56] <mupuf_> marcoz: thanks :) well, I don't know what we should do
[15:56] <marcoz> or was that comment specifically that we should do something at XDC for it, and then have a more formal discussion about it later?
[15:56] <mupuf_> yeah, probably the later
[15:56] <mupuf_> we should start thinking about what we could do
[15:56] <marcoz> since we have 4 mins left, I'd say that's a good idea. ;)
[15:56] <mupuf_> maybe we could buy a cake
[15:57] <marcoz> Xorg bikeathon through south France.  30 km for 30 years.
[15:57] <mupuf_> we should take a big picture of the attendees, like we did in 2012
[15:57] <mupuf_> :p
[15:58] <marcoz> ok, any more items to discuss?
[15:59] <mupuf_> I don't think so
[16:00] <marcoz> ok, meeting adjourned. see y'all in 2 weeks.