Date is 2014-05-16, times are UTC+10

--- Day changed Fri May 16 2014
06:51 < agd5f> I've got a conflict today, so I'll probably miss most of the meeting
06:58 < whot> good morning gents
06:59 <+alanc> good afternoon
06:59 < stukreit> good... timezone to you.
06:59 <+egbert> good evening!
07:00 < stukreit> My kid has to calculate timezones now, therefore, he has a *real job*
07:00 < whot> as a heads-up, I don't have anything on the agenda for today, so unless keithp has some SPI updates we don't have a lot to discuss
07:00 < whot> unless you guys have anything to add?
07:01 <+egbert> i missed the past two meetings. sorry for that. there were holidays either on or right after those days
07:01 <+alanc> not unless mupuf_ has XDC updates or we want to discuss which two people to go to the GSoC mentor summit/reunion
07:02 <+egbert> i'd like to ask about getting added to the board ml.
07:02 <+egbert> has anyone looked into this? (may have missed it du eto missing filters)
07:03 < mupuf_> alanc: I do have some questions about hte video recordings
07:04 < mupuf_> as for GSoC, I don't think I'll be able to commit to go there
07:04 < mupuf_> we have to give an answer by June 25th IIRC
07:04 < mupuf_> and October 20th is pretty much about when I'll be working on my thesis presentation
07:05 < whot> agd5f: when you're back can you add egbert to the board ML please? Thanks
07:05 < whot> egbert: agd5f and anholt are list admins, according to my notes, keep pinging them until magic happens
07:05 < mupuf_> as for the XDC, I talked to the guys handling video recordings and I don't have good news
07:06 <+egbert> whot: ok, i will. thx :)
07:06 < mupuf_> the camera is apparently crap and we have no direct way of accessing the video stream (save putting it on the internet)
07:07 < stukreit> How much does a reasonable video camera cost these days?
07:08 < mupuf_> no idea, but we could either rent it
07:08 < mupuf_> or buy small cameras
07:08 <+egbert> mupuf_: renting was what the fosdem people did apparently.
07:09 < mupuf_> and a VGA splitter too
07:09 < whot> I still maintain that buying something we only use once a year across the globe is not idea. high chance of forgetting it at home, and then we have to rent one short notice
07:09 < mupuf_> egbert: yes, that's what they did
07:09 <+egbert> but they rented quite a few. for one buying is probably easier.
07:09 < mupuf_> whot: yep, you are right. I wonder if we'll be able to rent the splitter
07:09 < stukreit> why do we need videos of a talking head anyway?  how much would it add over audio accompanied by slides?
07:10 <+egbert> i can ask at my company if i can borrow the equipment - or at least find out what is recommended.
07:10 < mupuf_> stukreit: we would still need a vga splitter
07:10 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
07:10 < mupuf_> a good usb webcam is ok as a camera
07:10 < mupuf_> but not good-enopugh for slides
07:10 < stukreit> yes, slides are best served as .. files.
07:11 <+egbert> mupuf_: you need to set it up on a tripod so you can turn it to catch questions from the audience.
07:11 < mupuf_> they are nice in a video too
07:11 <+egbert> so it needs to be mountable.
07:11 < mupuf_> egbert: we didn't have an audiance camera last year
07:11 < mupuf_> err, at fosdem 14
07:12 <+egbert> right. but the cam was all the way in the back, too.
07:12 < mupuf_> we did shoot from afar though
07:12 < marcoz> hi all, sorry for being late
07:12 <+egbert> but what we had was audio equipment where the audience mic could be mixed in
07:13 < mupuf_> we'll have that @ XDC14
07:13 <+egbert> ok, so you say we are good on audio just miss the video part?
07:13 < mupuf_> yes
07:14 < mupuf_> if we rent a camera
07:14 <+egbert> ok, so if we cannot come up with a cam solution we can still settle with stukreit's suggestion for planb
07:14 < mupuf_> it will likely be in DV
07:14 < mupuf_> which means, we'll need a firewire laptop
07:14 < mupuf_> oh, mine is, so it could be worse
07:14 <+egbert> if you can find a place to rent a cam locally i'd be for that (as plan_a)
07:15 < whot> i agree
07:15 < stukreit> I have an old palm-sized hard disk vidcam, maybe it still works.  Maybe the images are acceptable.
07:16 <+egbert> we should have something mupuf_ can play with before we get started.
07:16 <+egbert> so he (or his helpers) know their way.
07:17 <+egbert> i hate to miss the first day of talks because people try to work out how to deal with the equipment.
07:17 < mupuf_> yep, indeed
07:17 < stukreit> the main thing is to have someone take responsibility for keeping the ON button hit.  and maybe downloading or changing tapes depending on equipment
07:17 < whot> huh, gopros can apparently do live-streaming. could put one of them down somewhere
07:18 < mupuf_> yes, but we cannot really mix the audio
07:18 < mupuf_> nor the slides
07:18 < mupuf_> and the high difference in luminiosity between the slides and the presenter means that either one is white or the other is black
07:18 < stukreit> I'll take the AI to dust off my vidcam and submit a sample.
07:19 < stukreit> or someone with a 32G phone ;-)
07:19 <+egbert> stukreit: this would all work - but not with audio and slides mixed in.
07:19 < stukreit> yup
07:20 < mupuf_> I'll try to find a VGA splitter that outputs in USB
07:20 <+egbert> and i don't recommend to plan on doing this afterwards as then it will never get done.
07:20 < mupuf_> and a good webcam
07:20 < mupuf_> and see if dv switch accepts V4L inputs
07:21 <+egbert> mupuf_: if you can find a decend place to rent the stuff from you should go forward - xorg should pay for it.
07:22 < mupuf_> yes, I'll check
07:22 <+egbert> if not we can start thinking about buying some equipment.
07:22 < mupuf_> right
07:22 <+egbert> also for xorg money.
07:22 < stukreit> I'm doing some googling to see how others get it done
07:23 < mupuf_> I handled it @ FOSDEM this year
07:23 < mupuf_> and it was the same as what was done @ Suse
07:23 <+egbert> yup :)
07:23 < mupuf_> (with less cameras)
07:24 <+egbert> i can see if i get the suse equipment. but since i'm not living in nerunberg i'd have to pick it up the week before.
07:25 <+egbert> and take it back afterwards. not sure if they want to hand it out for that long.
07:25 < whot> egbert: post it directly to mupuf_?
07:25 <+egbert> i hate to do that. as it might break. then we still have nothing :(
07:26 <+egbert> but lemme ask.
07:26 < mupuf_> yes, posting is dangerous
07:26 < mupuf_> egbert: you would have to come by car then?
07:27 <+egbert> no, please no! i'd carry it on an airplane - but no car
07:30 < mupuf_> this stuff is heavy!
07:31 <+egbert> yeah, well...
07:31 <+egbert> let me find out.
07:32 < mupuf_> ok, will keep you up to date
07:32 < whot> ok, can we leave this with you two guys?
07:32 < mupuf_> whot: sure
07:32 < mupuf_> that's all I had to talk a bout
07:32 <+egbert> ok, i'll let you know what i can get from suse.
07:33 < whot> thx. anyone have any other items?
07:35 < whot> ok. in that case, let's call it a day for today. thanks for coming, see you guys in two weeks