Date is 2014-07-11, times are UTC+10

--- Log opened Fri Jul 11 06:50:21 2014
06:58 < whot> good morning gents
06:58 <+egbert> good evening :)
06:59 < stukreit> hi!
06:59 < mupuf> hi guys
06:59 < mupuf> this time, it's the right day :)
07:00 < stukreit> yup :-P
07:01 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
07:01 < marcoz> hi 
07:01 <+alanc> good afternoon
07:02 < agd5f_> hi
07:03 < whot> keithp: ping
07:03 <+egbert> before i forget to mention it: i might not be able to make it to next meeting as i will be on vacation.
07:03 < keithp> whot: I'm here
07:04 < mupuf> egbert: lucky you ;)
07:05 <+egbert> mupuf: we'll see ;)
07:05 < whot> alrighty, let's get started. not that we have much: SPI is the recurring item on the agenda
07:06 < whot> I don't seem to have anything else, Check has semi-requested travel funding for XDC but not formally yet
07:06 < keithp> whot: and the recurring 'sorry that I've made no progress' have pinged SPI again, but I need to be more annoying
07:07 < keithp> They meet only monthly; are meeting today in a few hours even
07:07 < stukreit> I wish to report that I have made Roy's payment but am still working on Check's. Its hard to get money to Cameroon. today I asked him for some more information to take to the bank.
07:07 < keithp> stukreit: good luck
07:08 < mupuf> stukreit: thanks, good luck with it!
07:08 < stukreit> thanks.
07:08 < whot> stukreit: thanks
07:08 < mupuf> whot: AFAIR, Check was asking for funding to attend the GSoC conference
07:09 <+egbert> stukreit: when you get done with it you will be a true international banking expert ;p
07:09 < mupuf> that's weird because he is not a GSoC student :o
07:09 <+alanc> I was confused by his statement that he's attending the GSoC reunion on behalf of
07:09 < whot> huh, you're right, I read over that
07:09 < keithp> mupuf: do we have anyone else attending the GSoC thing?
07:09 < stukreit> egbert: I don't think so. the rules keep changing
07:10 < keithp> stukreit: a meta-expert then
07:10 < mupuf> keithp: I won't be able to attend it
07:10 <+alanc> but he also asked for XDC travel, and we usually don't approve that until after the students have passed a milestone so we can see they are actually doing work
07:10 < mupuf> no idea about anyone else willing to attend
07:10 < mupuf> agd5f_: ?
07:10 < mupuf> alanc: agreed, too early to say for him
07:10 < stukreit> If anyone can get to mountain view, I have a room for them.
07:10 < whot> wrong hemisphere for me
07:10 <+alanc> I thought google booked an entire hotel at their expense for the gsoc event
07:11 < mupuf> stukreit: you moved to Google?
07:11 < stukreit> nope, its close to my home.
07:11 < mupuf> :) ok, I've never been to the silicon valley, no idea how close everything is
07:11 < agd5f_> mupuf, attend xdc or gsoc?
07:12 < mupuf> GSoC
07:12 < mupuf> you're expected to attend XDC ;)
07:12 < mupuf> as per your board member obligations
07:12 < agd5f_> I don't think I can make gsoc.  trips are tough when you have kids :)
07:12 < mupuf> speaking about this, please add yourself to the list:
07:13 < stukreit> agd5f speaks daddy logic
07:13 < mupuf> agd5f_: hey hey, I can believe that.
07:14 < agd5f_> mupuf, I'll probably need x funding to attend xdc since it's in .eu and AMD will probably prefer to send someone based in ,eu
07:15 <+egbert> agd5f_: this shouldn't be a problem
07:15 < mupuf> I guess we don't even need to vote for that
07:15 < agd5f_> I
07:15 < agd5f_> 'll ask first
07:15 < mupuf> yeah, please ask :)
07:15 <+alanc> I think we should vote, for the record, and to allow Alex to be on the record as abstaining for the conflict-of-interest policy we never wrote down
07:16 <+alanc> but I think we're likely to approve 7-0
07:16 < mupuf> alanc: ok, let's vote
07:16 < mupuf> +1
07:16 <+alanc> lets wait until he finds out if he needs funding first
07:16 < mupuf> ok, but I think this is stupid since we require board members to attend
07:17 < agd5f_> I think we've got some time.  I'll find out before the next meeting
07:17 < whot> yeah, but for the sake of paperwork etc. I'd still like to have a formal request on the board list first
07:17 < mupuf> whot: ack
07:17 < whot> same goes for everyone else, obviously
07:17 <+alanc> do we?  we strongly encourage it, but I remember some board members missing XDC in past years
07:18 <+egbert> this was most likely not due to funding but other conflicts
07:18 < mupuf> alanc: We can excuse them if really needed, so I guess this is a strong suggestion
07:18  * alanc thinks my travel request was approved, but have only heard that from my director, not my manager, so it's not official yet
07:18 < agd5f_> I missed it last year due to other conflicts
07:18 < keithp> alanc: I won't hear for weeks yet
07:18 < stukreit> agd5f: its not too soon to ask for travel. I've been asking my mgmt about it. A lot depends on begin/end of quarter open books
07:18  * mupuf will need travel funding for the 2km-long bike trip
07:19 <+alanc> right, as far as I remember, we've always paid when needed for board members, but people have missed due to conflicts
07:19 <+egbert> mupuf: if you think you can get a new bikte this way ;p
07:19 <+alanc> mupuf: so a box of energy bars?
07:19 <+alanc> and maybe a water bottle?
07:19 < mupuf> alanc: a glass of water will do ;)
07:19 < mupuf> there is a free water dispenser @ LaBRI, you won't even need to pay anything
07:20 < mupuf> Btw, I looked a little on the social event again
07:20 < agd5f_> stukreit, I've already requested it, but mgmt tends not to approve until the last minute
07:21 < mupuf> for the pedal-happy guys here, it really is a long ride to Saint Emilion... And it is hilly too
07:21 < stukreit> agd5f: understood, sometimes they appreciate that air tix in advance are cheaper.
07:22  * whot already booked the flights
07:22 < stukreit> mupuf: I'll look on the map, but I'm pretty sure its doable. hills are the attraction
07:22 < mupuf> I'll see if we can go somewhere closer than saint emilion that is still easily reachable by public transports for those who do not feel like cycling for 2h (that's the max distance I'll be setting)
07:23 < mupuf> I'm ok with them, I cycle every day, but not everyone will make it there and back again. Not sure if the train company will accept having 10 bikes in their carriages
07:25 < mupuf> in any case, I'll be looking into it more carefully soon, when I see the light at the end of the "writing my PhD thesis" tunnel
07:25 < whot> mupuf: it's the oncoming train!
07:25 < whot> ok, do we have anything else to go through today?
07:26 < whot> mupuf: can you reply to Check re the GSoC meeting/Xorg confusion?
07:26 < mupuf> whot: ok, I'll do it now
07:29 < whot> ok, if no-one else has anything, then we can reconvene in 2 weeks. thanks for attending