Date is 2014-07-25, times are UTC+10

--- Day changed Fri Jul 25 2014
06:54 < whot> good morning everyone
06:58 <+egbert> hi guys! good afternoon :)
06:59 -!- stukreit [] has joined #xf-bod
07:00 < mupuf> good day everyone :)
07:00 < stukreit> hello!
07:01 <+egbert> guys, i'm on vacation -  so i will leave you after about half an hour.
07:01 < whot> it probably won't even take that long - the only thing I have on the list is SPI
07:02 < mupuf> egbert: off to get a bear at such a late hour? Good boy egbert! :p
07:02 < mupuf> whot: and we need to answer Google about the mentorship stipend
07:02 <+egbert> mupuf: it's 4:00 pm here :)
07:02 < mupuf> egbert: ah ah, lucky you!
07:02 <+egbert> :)
07:03 <+egbert> so is keithp around?
07:03 <+keithp> yes
07:03 < stukreit> egbert: where are you?
07:03 <+egbert> SD
07:03 < stukreit> south dakota?
07:03 <+egbert> stukreit: yes :)
07:03 <+keithp> I've been working with SPI on constructing a resolution to bring to their board; they don't meet for another couple of weeks though
07:04 < agd5f_> hi
07:04 <+egbert> keithp: is there anything about this resoltuion you want to share here?
07:04 <+keithp> Once I've got a draft written that our lawyer likes, I'll circulate it to the board list for review
07:05 < mupuf> keithp: great!
07:05 <+keithp> Should be done early next week though; the first draft was not complicated enough
07:05 <+egbert> keithp: ok, that's good. i may have one or two questions then. as i've not been around when it all began.
07:06  * alanc is here now
07:06 < stukreit> i'd like to report that Check Nyah has finally received his first installment of $500. It only took 4 visits to the bank, including account number errors on my part and on the bank's part
07:07 <+egbert> stukreit: thanks for hanging in there and doing this job!
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07:08 < mupuf> yep! good job stukreit :)
07:08 < stukreit> yw. It will continue to cost $35 per transaction until we find alternative means.  Check is setting up some new money transfer account thing, when its ready, we'll give it a try
07:09 < whot> stukreit: thanks
07:09 < whot> keithp: can you put "constructing a resolution" into layman's terms?
07:10 <+keithp> whot: writing up something that the SPI board can vote on which pretty much says 'xorg becomes a SPI project'
07:11 < whot> so that builds on the draft we sent round a while ago or is a separate document?
07:11 <+egbert> what's the schedule - or better to say: the order of doing things? 
07:11 <+egbert> as we will have to have a vote of our membership as well.
07:12 <+keithp> whot: I think that was the board resolution, not the SPI board resolution? Or am I just missing something?
07:12 < whot> no, it was. but we needed that signed off by SPI so we don't have to vote twice, so there's some overlap I suspect
07:12 <+keithp> egbert: The first step is to have SPI offer membership, then I think members get a vote
07:13 <+egbert> keithp: ok, thanks!
07:13 <+keithp> whot: ok, I'll dig that up again
07:13 < alanc> at the rate we're going, might be able to combine that with the next board election
07:14 <+egbert> keithp: when you found it - could you bounce it to me as well? i haven't seen that yet.
07:14 < whot> iirc the main issue here was that we have a draft that we can vote on in X.Org but without SPI saying "yes, we'd take you with these bylaws" it was pointless
07:14 < whot> egbert: I'll send it to you
07:14 <+egbert> whot: thanks :)
07:17 < whot> ok, so procedure for us is to wait for keith's proposal, get that to SPI, get them to vote on it, get them to propose to us and then we can say "We do" after the member vote
07:17 < mupuf> whot: sounds about good
07:17 <+keithp> whot: oh, that's the step I didn't realize we needed -- the board needs to approve the proposed SPI resolution. Of course.
07:18 < mupuf> it would be nice if could end the vote a few days after XDC
07:18 < mupuf> but ... not sure it is doable :s
07:20 < whot> well, and there is the final step of signing off on the revised by-laws, but that's part of voting I guess
07:20 < whot> anyway, I think this should cover it for now, so let's wait for keithp's draft
07:20 < whot> any other comments on SPI?
07:20 <+egbert> we of course need to have those bylaws voted on by the members as well.
07:20 < stukreit> Does SPI require that revision? perhaps we should leave it open for their comment
07:21 <+keithp> stukreit: I believe there are conflicts between our current bylaws and being part of SPI
07:22 < whot> egbert: yeah, that's what I was referring to with "vote" above, getting us to vote on it is relatively simple :)
07:22 <+egbert> keithp: the way that the current (old) bylaws are written i'd definitely assume so..
07:22 < stukreit> interesting. well, we can still pass the revisions by them and perhaps catch more recommendations.  as long as it doesn't drag things out.
07:24 < mupuf> egbert: I changed them
07:24 < mupuf> as a draft, of course ;)
07:25 <+egbert> mupuf: yes, i know. you contacted me about this a while ago. 
07:25 < mupuf> indeed :D
07:25 <+egbert> ok, is there anything else? i'd like to run off asap.
07:26 < whot> mupuf: what whas that with GSoC?
07:26 < mupuf> whot: Carol asked us if we wanted to have mentor stipends
07:27 < mupuf> "
07:27 < mupuf> Okay, thanks. I'll release your hotel rooms. Does this mean you don't want your mentor stipends this year either?"
07:27 < whot> we get mentor stipends?
07:27 < mupuf> no-one knows what she meant
07:27 < mupuf> sure, we are supposed to get $500/mentor
07:27 < stukreit> mupuf: will she send the stipends directly to the mentors?
07:27 < mupuf> stukreit: it is supposed to be for the org, not the mentors
07:28 < stukreit> frankly, I'd rather not take the money, it would change the bookkeeping. I'd have to report income.
07:29 < stukreit> I'm a programmer, not an accountant, dammit! (star trek reference)
07:29 < agd5f_> IIRC, the stipend is for the organization.  at least that's how it worked last year
07:29 < alanc> did we not report income in the past years they gave us money?
07:29 < mupuf> alanc: they did not give us money
07:29 < stukreit> we haven't received any money
07:30 < mupuf> becuase we didn't ask for it, probably
07:30 < alanc> I swear I remember having to register as a vendor in past years to get the GSoC stipends
07:30 < alanc> and reimbursements for the years we sent Bart or Donnie to mentor summit
07:31 < stukreit> I think we did that step, but we didn't invoice them
07:31 < agd5f_> we did.  not sure if it went through or not last year since we did it so late
07:31 <+egbert> gents, i need to run. good bye!
07:31 < alanc> sure will be glad to have spi handle this with the rest of their GSOC projects
07:31 < whot> egbert: have fun
07:31 < stukreit> mupuf: can you ask carol if we need to write an invoice or something?
07:32 < whot> everything else aside, getting 500 per mentor means a lot of potential travel sponsorship money for XDC
07:32 < whot> i'd like us to offer that to all gsoc students
07:32 < mupuf> you would probably have a better clue about all that
07:33 < mupuf> whot: indeed
07:36 < whot> stukreit: can you contact carol directly to figure out what needs to be done here? going through mupuf will likely confuse things, given that the terms you guys use in the US are differnet to all us non-US ppl
07:36 < stukreit> ok
07:37 < whot> we have 6 projects that started properly, that's 3k then. that's a lot of travel money
07:37 < whot> if you're not in .au, that is
07:38 < mupuf> whot: hey hey, it $500/student should be enough for european students
07:39 < whot> yeah, easily
07:40 < whot> ok, any other comments or topics?
07:42 < mupuf> I'm done :)
07:42 < marcoz> did we sufficiently discuss that awesome goal in world cup final?
07:42 < alanc> nothing from me
07:43  * mupuf has not watched any game
07:43 < mupuf> no time and no desire
07:43 < mupuf> although I do wonder how they managed to score 3 times in less than 5 minutes
07:43 < stukreit> fail at water cooler talk. (like the rest of us)
07:44 < whot> hehe. in that case, thanks for attending gentlemen and see you in two weeks