Date is 2014-08-08, times are UTC+10

--- Day changed Fri Aug 08 2014
06:58 < whot> good morning
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07:00 <+egbert> good evening :)
07:00 < agd5f> hello
07:00 < mupuf_> oh dear! I didn't realize it was thursday already!
07:01 < mupuf_> Good thing we decided to go to the theater early :o
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07:01 < mupuf_> anyway, Hi guys! :)
07:01 < marcoz> hi mupuf_ \
07:01 < mupuf_> marcoz: Ahoi marcoz!
07:02 < mupuf_> ahoy*
07:02 < marcoz> land ho!
07:03 < mupuf_> hey hey :) I meant it to be Czech, but you're right, it could be pirate talk too :p
07:04 < mupuf_> next time, I'll write it properly (Ahoj)
07:05 < mupuf_> keithp, alanc, stukreit: ping
07:06 < marcoz> ahoj, is Hi in Czech?   i learned something new and the meeting is not even official started. this is a good day. :)
07:06 <+alanc> hello
07:06 < stukreit> hi
07:07 < mupuf_> marcoz: yep
07:07 < mupuf_> and it's pronounced exactly like ahoy
07:07 < whot> marcoz: and 'ahoi' is the german spelling for ahoy (same meaning as the english one)
07:08 < mupuf_> whot: right, fun word isn't it?
07:09 < marcoz> whot: what's the german word for 'matey'  ?
07:09 < mupuf_> We only have "Hey" in French though, but since we have no real "h", there would be no point in having ahey since it basically sounds like hey :D
07:10 < marcoz> French is so passe.  
07:10 < marcoz> j/k. ;)
07:10 <+egbert> guys, nice conversation - but could we get started? i'm still suffering from my back-jetlag a bit and would like to go to bed ;)
07:11 < whot> marcoz: 'kumpel' is probably the closest thing, doesn't have the same meaning imo
07:11 < whot> anyway, egbert is right, let's get started
07:11 < whot> keithp: anything from SPI?
07:11  * whot double-checks if we're actually waiting on something here..
07:12 <+egbert> i believe keithp mentioned it may take a couple of weeks.
07:12 < mupuf_> whot: yes, we were waiting on keithp's paper work he was supposed to send to SPI IIRC
07:12 <+egbert> right
07:12 < mupuf_> IIRC, he expected to be done last week
07:12 < stukreit> I remember there was to be a letter drafted that described our transition process or something
07:13 < whot> yeah, that's it. the SPI proposal needs drafting
07:13 < whot> only other thing from last time: stukreit did you contact carol re mentor stipends?
07:14 < stukreit> yes, I am in contact with her. I have to organize an invoce
07:14 < stukreit> also, she said there was email about this mid-may, but I don't have it, neither did she re-send it to me. Does anyone here get the GSOC mailing list (I do, but..)
07:15 <+alanc> everyone on the board does
07:15 < stukreit> For one thing, I have to dig out the work I did to establish us as an approved vendor at google. I guess I'll ping her again for this assistance.
07:16 <+alanc> and I think the list archives are all open
07:16 < stukreit> one new item that came up last week: NRAI contacted me to update our corporate info and file the annual report (whatever that is).  I have to send them $179 for the service charge.
07:17 < whot> stukreit: forwarded you the email
07:17 < stukreit> much appreciated
07:18 < whot> stukreit: re NRAI - ack
07:18 < mupuf_> I don't remember us paying that fee last year, did we?
07:19 <+alanc> I remember us paying it in some past years, don't remember exactly which ones
07:19 < stukreit> they do some kind of magic wand thing.  I have been paying it.  for a few years now. For some reason its late this time, but they gave me the courtesy of a contact
07:19 <+egbert> can someone enlighten me what NRAI is, please?
07:19 < stukreit> national registered agents something.
07:19 <+alanc> they handle the legal paperwork for us to remain a registered corporation in the state of Delaware each year, and represent us for any actions that need to be taken in that state
07:20 < stukreit> its in Delaware, they manage our corporate papers and file with the state. They're like our post office box in De
07:20 <+egbert> ah, ok. i did not know that we are still registered in Delaware
07:20 <+egbert> thanks!
07:20 < stukreit> Its "a thing". I never took corporate governance or like classes in college
07:20 <+alanc> mostly it's a lawyer who fills in a form and then has admins make thousands of copies filling in the info for each corporation they cover
07:21 <+egbert> right, after what you said above i figured something like this.
07:21 <+alanc> I think we have to be registered somewhere as a corporation until we are merged into SPI
07:21 < stukreit> If we were a real business with lots of i/o it would matter a lot more. For us, its some clerical formality. I don't have an explanation.
07:22 <+alanc> if you want long drawn out explanation
07:22 <+egbert> right. this is that way everywhere. just the procedures differ.
07:22 < stukreit> TL;DR
07:22 <+egbert> :)
07:24 < stukreit> the 2 EVOC students have their first payments. I'm waiting instruction for when to make next installments.
07:24 < mupuf_> stukreit: I guess a month after their first payment would be good
07:25 < mupuf_> I think we covered that in a meeting two months ago
07:25 < stukreit> I would expect a statement of progress from the mentors.
07:25 < mupuf_> ah, like a mid-term review?
07:25 < mupuf_> good point
07:26 < mupuf_> for Roy, I can say he has been quite extraordinary
07:26 < stukreit> or more. Do we have a written guideline for the mentors to follow?
07:26 < mupuf_> and if it continues like that, he'll be done very soon and will be able to move to other families :o
07:27 < mupuf_> stukreit: not that I know of
07:27 < whot> stukreit: I don't think so, but iirc for Check at least we had a rough timeline when we approved him
07:27 < mupuf_> marcoz: could you send an email to the EVoC mentors and ask them for a small report on how well the students are doing?
07:27 < stukreit> mupuf: So are you approving the next installment now? (we should dig out the date that it takes place)
07:28 < marcoz> mupuf_: can do.  
07:28 < mupuf_> stukreit: I'm definitely vouching for him, I've been checking on him at least three times a week. His mentor was satisfied about his work too last time I checked
07:29 < mupuf_> Roy really is quite autonomous, he's been working on this for 4 years ;)
07:29 < stukreit> Cool. 
07:29 < marcoz> stukreit: no written guildelines  EVoC. We do make it clear that we follow GSoC methods and it's pretty much the mentors call, so stay on your mentor's good side.
07:30 < whot> tbh, if in doubt I'd go with the GSoC guidlines and just change the dates. they clearly work well enough and making up or own isn't really worth it
07:32 <+alanc> the big difference is that GSoC has full time administrators to reach out to mentors and collect status reports, and we have to remember on our own to do that as needed
07:33 <+egbert> why don't we put down a time line (based on what we talk about now) for the next time?
07:33 < stukreit> I would like each of our mentors to know the payment schedule and give me the orders to make payments.
07:34 <+egbert> stukreit: right.
07:35 < whot>
07:35 < whot> 07:32 < keithp> so, $500 up front, then $2000 after mid-term, and $2000 after final eval
07:35 < whot> 07:28 < keithp> whot: so, the 30-august payment would be dependent on the mid-term, not the 31-july
07:36 < mupuf_> yeah, seems good
07:37 < stukreit> ok, so looks like I will get orders at the end of august.
07:39 < mupuf_> stukreit: for roy, yes, others will come a bit later
07:39 < mupuf_> since they started respectively two weeks and a month after (IIRC)
07:40 < marcoz> ah, i misuderstood. yes we do follow timelines for payment schedules. that's part of the congrats email and the student, the mentor and stuart are included  in that.
07:41 < stukreit> that helps. so much email. never enough subfolders
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07:44 < whot> any other items to discuss today?
07:45 < mupuf> not really, on the XDC front, people are adding themselves (or asking me to add them) to the attendance list/social event
07:46 < mupuf> as for the social event, I went back to saint emilion last week end for a wedding and the area really is gorgeous :)
07:46 < mupuf> first time I went there, it was raining so it wasn't doing it justice
07:47 < stukreit> mupuf: California take all the rain you don't want.
07:48 < mupuf> ah ah, it is still raining too much for my taste :p
07:49 < mupuf> anyway, appart from the fact I would really like freedesktop to find a solution for requesting wiki accounts (someone have been trying to get one for weeks, apparently), I have no complains
07:49 < mupuf> after my thesis, I may actually volunteer @ freedesktop to help them deal with creating accounts for people
07:51 < whot> heh, that might help. it's a common sentiment
07:52 < whot> ok, if there's nothing else, we can call it a day for today (well, some of us anyway)
07:52 < mupuf> whot: yep, thanks!
07:52 < whot> thanks for attending, see you guys in two weeks