Date is 2014-08-22, times are UTC+10

--- Day changed Fri Aug 22 2014
07:00 < whot> good morning gents
07:01 < stukreit> hi
07:01 < tstellar_> Hi, I would like to add an agend item if possible.  I'm intested in planning XDC 2015 and I have a few questions for the board.
07:01 < marcoz> afternoon whot
07:01 <+alanc> good day
07:01 < whot> tstellar_: no problem. we'll do it first so you don't have to hang around for the whole meeting if you don't want to
07:02 < tstellar_> whot: Ok, thanks.
07:04 < mupuf_> tstellar_: sweet!
07:04 < whot> mupuf_, egbert, keithp, agd5f: ping
07:04 < mupuf_> good morning guys :)
07:05 < mupuf_> err, sorry, day
07:06 < agd5f> hi
07:08 < whot> ok, let's get started, maybe egbert and keith join later
07:08 < whot> agenda is fairly small: XDC 2015, XDC 2014, GSoC
07:09 < whot> tstellar_: your floor regarding xdc 2015
07:10 < tstellar_> Thanks, I would like to submit a proposal for XDC 2015 in Toronto.  I've spoke with a local College (Seneca College) and they suggested Oct 26-28 as an ideal date, and I just wanted to get some feedback about whether or not this is too late.
07:10 < stukreit> um
07:12 < stukreit> we already have a date and venue for 2015. Perhaps you can help with planning the next non-US gathering.
07:12 <+alanc> stukreit: we do?
07:12 < mupuf_> tstellar_: the only problem I see with that is related to students & GSoC/EVoC
07:12 <+egbert> hi guys! sorry for being a bit late.
07:12 < stukreit> oops, off by 1 year. dyxlexic
07:12 <+alanc> right, we have 2014 in France, so 2015 would be back to north america next year
07:12 < mupuf_> september is usually more free for student
07:13 < mupuf_> I have heard some complaints from local students about XDC2014 being in october
07:13 <+alanc> but we haven't been getting many students attending lately
07:13 < mupuf_> and less professors are available
07:14 < mupuf_> alanc: we strongly advise GSoC/EVoC students to attend XDC, right?
07:14 < whot> alanc: yeah, but I don't think we should try for making anything x-related harder :)
07:14 <+alanc> true
07:14 < tstellar_> Ok, In the US, I think most students are back at school even in early September.
07:15 < agd5f> yeah, exactly
07:15 < agd5f> sometimes even august
07:15 < whot> most of europe is the same I think, school starts in september, uni in oct iirc
07:15 < mupuf_> same in france, but it usually is lighter. The closer we get to the finals, the harder it is for students to catch up
07:15 < mupuf_> I decided to come to XDC2010 because it was early september
07:15 < tstellar_> Is there any date that would be too early, like end of august?
07:15 < mupuf_> and I could "afford" to skip some classes
07:16 < whot> tstellar_: august is travel season for the northern hemisphere
07:16 <+egbert> we need to make sure not to get into the vacation season. so august is a bit early.
07:16 < mupuf_> tstellar_: Could we wait a little to decide?
07:17 < whot> we used to have XDC around the second week of september. this year it was pushed back to make it easier to attend LPC
07:17 < mupuf_> That is something we could talk about at XDC, in a month
07:17 < agd5f> the 26-28 dates coincide with another FSOSS conference at seneca college so people could attend that as well
07:18 < agd5f>
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07:18 < tstellar_> They also preferred those dates, because they have a mid-term break that week.
07:18 -!- stukreit [] has joined #xf-bod
07:18 < tstellar_> It's good to know it may not be ideal, because then I can work on getting some backup-up dates.
07:19 < whot> I should also point out that the Red Hat guys in Boston where planning to organise XDC2015 too, so we may actually have two proposals then
07:19 < mupuf_> tstellar_: In any case, Toronto would be sweet!
07:20 < mupuf_> whot: then maybe the decision could be made at XDC?
07:21 < whot> yeh, I'll get the RH guys to prepare a proposal 
07:21 < tstellar_> Ok, thanks for the feedback.  I will take with the college some more at write something up.
07:21 < tstellar_> *talk
07:22 < whot> thanks. do you have any other questions?
07:22 < tstellar_> whot: No, that's it.
07:22 < mupuf_> tstellar_: are you planning on attending XDC?
07:22 < tstellar_> mupuf_: No, not this year.
07:23 < mupuf_> ok, then we will handle the presentation about your plan and let people vote
07:23 < mupuf_> unless this is something the board decides
07:23 < agd5f> speaking of xdc, I need to ask if the board will approve covering my travel expenses
07:24 <+alanc> mupuf_: the board makes the final decision, but if there's competing proposals, we'll take feedback from XDC attendees about them to help us decide
07:25 < mupuf_> alanc: ack. Then I guess the matter is closed until then. Thank you for your proposal tstellar_
07:25 < mupuf_> tstellar_: don't forget to fill your GSoC student's evaluation, if it is done already
07:26 < tstellar_> mupuf_: I did it yesterday.
07:26 < mupuf_> very well, thanks
07:26 <+alanc> agd5f: I'd be okay with that
07:27 < mupuf_> +1 for agd5f
07:27 < whot> agd5f: +1
07:27 < stukreit> +1
07:27 < marcoz> +1
07:27 <+alanc> +1 to make it official
07:28 < agd5f> thanks.  I'll send out the estimated costs to the board in an email
07:28 < whot> vote carried, the foundation covers agd5f's XDC attendance costs
07:29 < whot> mupuf_: have you reached out to the GSoC students regarding xdc travel sponsorship?
07:29 < mupuf_> whot: only emil (xexaxo) so far IIRC
07:30 < mupuf_> I can ask Roy right now too
07:30 < whot> ok. I've told lyude but haven't heard back 
07:30 < whot> what do we do about the two evocs?
07:30 < mupuf_> one already said he would come
07:30 < mupuf_> wait, I'm gonna find his name
07:31 < mupuf_> Nyah Check 
07:31 < mupuf_> Roy Spliet says he would like to come and give a talk too
07:32 < mupuf_> but needs funding
07:32 < marcoz> did everyone receive the reviews from the mentors?
07:33 < mupuf_> do we need to vote individually on them or should we agree on this: If the student passed the mentor's evaluation and is willing to come to give a talk about their work, do we agree on sponsoring him?
07:33 < mupuf_> marcoz: I do have access to all of them
07:33 < agd5f> mupuf_, sounds good to me
07:33 < mupuf_> I +1 my proposal too :)
07:33 < marcoz> mupuf_:  good
07:34 < agd5f> +1 to make it official :)
07:34 < marcoz> +1
07:34 < whot> +1 given reasonable travel costs
07:35 < mupuf_> Only check and the African student may have high travel costs
07:35 <+alanc> +1
07:35 < mupuf_> (or is Check the african student?)
07:35 < stukreit> Isn't Check the guy in Camaroom?
07:35 < stukreit> (n)
07:35 <+egbert> +1
07:36 < mupuf_> Sophomore IIRC, but I suck at geography
07:36 < mupuf_> and I'm dislexic too stukreit ;)
07:36 < stukreit> And I don't know what year it is.
07:36 < mupuf_> yeah, it seems like it's him
07:36 < stukreit> I note that Check's mid term eval is not positive.
07:37 < mupuf_> and he was from cameroon
07:38 < mupuf_> stukreit: where was it made available? I may have missed it
07:38 < mupuf_> I don't pay as much attention on EVoC students
07:38 < mupuf_> as on GSoC ones
07:38 < stukreit> Airlie's email on Aug 14
07:39 < whot> ok, so for the logs and minutes: vote carried for the general approval of travel sponsorship for successful gsoc/evoc students. students must make efforts to keep travel costs at a reasonable minimum and submit estimates to the board for final approval
07:39 < whot> mupuf_: as gsoc contact, can you take care to ack the requests as and when they come in
07:40 < mupuf_> I'll directly contact the students who qualify I guess
07:40 < mupuf_> we had 3 fails out of 7
07:40 <+egbert> in fact there is not that much time left: for long distance travel at least costs will go up when you book less than a month ahead.
07:41 < mupuf_> egbert: agreed
07:41 < whot> stukreit: I don't seem to have that email, can you forward it pls?
07:42 <+egbert> i suggest we ask everyone to submit an estimate until the next meeting at least.
07:42 < stukreit> whot: sent
07:42 < mupuf_> egbert: yes, seems reasonable
07:42 < mupuf_> one student won't require any sponsorship, since he already lives in Bordeaux
07:43 < whot> convenient :)
07:44 < mupuf_> if we wait 2 more weeks, price will go up
07:44 < mupuf_> so, the students should book their flights ASAP
07:45 < mupuf_> if you trust me on this, I can check with every student of the GSoC if the price is about right
07:45 < mupuf_> (that is to say, close to the price I found with a quick search)
07:45 < whot> I think that's good enough
07:45 < agd5f> mupuf_, what is the preferred hotel?
07:46 < mupuf_> marcoz:  I can handle Roy's too, if you want
07:46 < marcoz> mupuf_: sure!
07:47 < mupuf_> alanc: I have no recommended hotels aside from the ones I listed here:
07:47 < stukreit> mupuf: it would be a great service if you could do a little digging and rank them in some order of preference
07:48 < stukreit> (I see, they're ordered by price!)
07:48 < whot> fwiw, the Red Hat crew will be in the apart'hotel 
07:49 < mupuf_> the problem is that no hotel down town seems big-enough to accomodate everyone :o
07:49 < mupuf_> so I selected a bunch of hotels right in the town center
07:49 < mupuf_> and they are apparently not that bad :p
07:50 < mupuf_> I added an hostel too, for students on a budget
07:50 < mupuf_> speaking about this, I almost forgot that one nouveau contributor requested travel sponsorship from Poland (to give a talk)
07:50 < agd5f> whot, which one is that?
07:51 < mupuf_> and by contributor, I can't stress out enough how much he contributed to nouveau in the past 5/6 years. Should we ask him for an estimate and vote on it when he provides it?
07:52 <+alanc> mupuf_: yes
07:52 < mupuf_> alanc: ok, I'll warn him
07:54 <+alanc> if its reasonable, and you think it's valuable to have him there, will probably vote yes
07:55 < whot> agd5f: Apart'Hotel Bordeaux, Appart'City Bordeaux Centre
07:55 <+alanc> though we should probably get stukreit to report our current bank balance at next meeting to make sure we're not outspending our resources before approving all those requests
07:55 < mupuf_> so, let's recap. We ask students to send us estimates on the board's ML. I'll handle the students by checking their flight price and say yes if we agree. We'll vote together on mwk's request by email
07:55 < stukreit> alanc: $68,XXX
07:55 < whot> mupuf_: yep
07:55 <+alanc> okay, so the number of travel requests so far seems within our means
07:56 < stukreit> Can we establish a cut-off date for requests, after which we will look at all requests?
07:56 < mupuf_> stukreit: what do you mean by requests?
07:57 < stukreit> requests for sponsorship
07:57 <+alanc> we don't want to delay them being able to book travel until too late so prices go up though
07:57 < mupuf_> we should send an email probably
07:57 <+egbert> this would almost have to be next week.
07:57 < stukreit> our bad. We should have a process forthis.
07:57 <+egbert> not next week - next meeting
07:57 < whot> yeah. problem is timing though, if we had the XDC in september as originally proposed, the GSoC would be a lot harder to figure out
07:57 <+egbert> so in two weeks from now.
07:58 < stukreit> note-to-board: add travel sponsorship request to schedule planning for future XDC's
07:58 < whot> I don't have a problem voting via email though, it's not like IRC adds anything much
07:58 < mupuf_> stukreit: agreed
07:59 <+egbert> we still should set a cut-off date.
07:59 < whot> stukreit: simple process would be get at least one ACK from a board member for the request and then the ack from the treasurer seals it. that's something I could get behind
07:59 < whot> that way there's also exactly one person that knows that we're not going over budget
08:00 < mupuf_> whot: agreed
08:00 < whot> anyway, we're almost out of time here
08:00 < stukreit> bb-budget. We don't have a budget. just
08:01 < mupuf_> Who could write an email for everyone while I handle the students (EVoC and GSoC)
08:01 < mupuf_> (and mwk)
08:01 < mupuf_> ?
08:01 < stukreit> We haven't had an excess problem for several years. Still, I'm for controls and process
08:02 < whot> I think for this year we should stick with the full ack for everyone, we just do it by email now to avoid delays
08:02 < whot> and at XDC we can figure out the full process for next year
08:03 <+egbert> sounds good.
08:03 < agd5f> so for flight and hotels it looks like ~$2600 for me
08:03 < stukreit> including ground transport?
08:04 < agd5f> just flight and hotel.  I can cover the ground transport
08:05 < whot> sounds reasonable to me
08:05 < mupuf_> well, it's not going to get any cheaper, so I guess +1 from me
08:05 < agd5f> flights are the killer.  $2300
08:07 < stukreit> omg.
08:08 <+egbert> +1
08:08 < agd5f> if that's too much I can cover some of it myself
08:10 < stukreit> there must be a chart showing what tickets have been at. I haven't gone out of the country in the past 20 months, so I don't know what prices are
08:11 < whot> well, it cost me about that much to fly up from .au but that was booked months ago. but with less than 2 months go go, I'm not surprised
08:13 < whot> anyway, we're well over time now and there's nothing else on the agenda
08:14 < whot> given that we voted +1 on alex already and he wasn't there last year (even though as board memeber we should strive to have the full board, etc.) I'd say anyone who wants to veto speak up, otherwise we remain the +1
08:16  * alanc remains +1 on alex's travel
08:16 < mupuf_> whot: who should send a message for asking people to send us their talk proposal + travel sponsorship request
08:16 < whot> mupuf_: did I hear you volunteer? I think I did :P
08:17 < mupuf_> lol
08:17 < mupuf_> ok, I'll send it to dri-devel, wayland and xorg-devel
08:17 < mupuf_> any other list?
08:18 <+egbert> we don't have a special conference list this time, do we?
08:18 < mupuf_> nope
08:18 <+egbert> otherwise that's about all i think.
08:18 < mupuf_> egbert: are you coming to XDC?
08:18 <+egbert> yes
08:19 < agd5f> I'll go ahead and book then.  thanks!
08:19 < mupuf_> then add yourself to the attendees list please:
08:19 <+egbert> ok, will do,
08:19 < mupuf_> alanc: same for you ;) Please add yourself to the list
08:20 < mupuf_> marcoz: are you coming to XDC?
08:20 <+alanc> we've been using the list for all conferences the past few years
08:20 <+egbert> no, i didn't either.
08:20 <+alanc> though clearly not always very well:
08:20 <+egbert> point was: i was never able to post.
08:21 < mupuf_> I'll try to post to it too
08:21 <+egbert> it was closed and the admin couldn't be bothered to give me access.
08:21 < marcoz> mupuf_:  yes,  I still need to get my tickets. I guess the prices aren't coming down so....
08:21 < mupuf_> right
08:21 < mupuf_> marcoz: add yourself to the attendees list then :)
08:21 < mupuf_> and don't forget to check out the social event list too
08:22 < marcoz> i was just doing that.
08:23 <+egbert> ok, can we call it a day? (night here ;) )
08:24 < whot> yes. let's call it closed for today. travel sponsorhip to be sorted via email from now on
08:24 <+egbert> ok, sounds good!
08:24 < whot> thanks for attending gentlemen