Date is 2014-09-05, times are UTC+10

07:01 < whot_> good morning
07:01 -!- You're now known as whot
07:02 < marcoz> 7am?  how's the coffee?
07:03 < whot> already cold :( might have to have another one
07:03 <+keithp> howdy!
07:03 < marcoz> hi keithp 
07:04 <+keithp> back from two weeks of conferencing at last
07:04 < marcoz> whot: 2 cups of coffee by 7am?  loooong day.
07:04 < whot> tell me about it :)
07:04 < marcoz> keithp: which confs?
07:05 <+keithp> marcoz: linuxcon NA and debconf. Plus two rocket launches.
07:06 < whot> egbert, stukreit, alanc: ping
07:06 < stukreit> here
07:06 <+alanc> here
07:06 <+alanc> we were all here before you 8-)
07:06 < marcoz> keithp: nice.   the rocket launches up there near Portland?
07:06 < whot> hehe
07:07 <+keithp> marcoz: one in oregon, one in kansas
07:07 < stukreit> that sounds like a story
07:07 <+keithp> stukreit: just business
07:07 < marcoz> keithp: near Lawrence?
07:08 <+keithp> marcoz: SW of there about 200mi
07:09 < marcoz> that'd oklahoma or texas.  :)
07:09 <+keithp> heh
07:09 < whot> alrighty, let's get started. mupuf said he'll be late, let's hope the other two join as well
07:09 <+egbert> whot: i'm here
07:09 < whot> items on the agenda are travel sponsorships and OPW
07:09 < whot> egbert: cool, thanks
07:10 <+egbert> whot: i was here all along. almost fell asleep ;p
07:10 < stukreit> whot: I have a few questions
07:10 < whot> for sponsorship we are missing the required votes for david, theo, check and roy (last one just came through a minute ago)
07:10 < whot> stukreit: ok, slot in after sponsorship?
07:10 < stukreit> that was one of them: gsoc approvals
07:11 < whot> ok, shoot
07:12 < stukreit> me?
07:13 < whot> not literally. you have the floor
07:13 < whot> not literally either :)
07:13 <+egbert> if i read this correctly all roy is asking for us eur 250?
07:13 < stukreit> ok. Did we get a positive midterm report on Check? Shall I send his next installment?
07:14 < whot> stukreit: not yet. I've been pinging dave a few times and he said he'll have a meeting with check this week. don't know when it'll happen though
07:15 < whot> dave is aware we're waiting for him
07:15 < whot> so the answer is - no, not yet, not until we get the midterm eval
07:15 < stukreit> ok, so I'll hold fire.  next: should we/did we ask the sponsoree's to share rooms?
07:15 < whot> yes, definitely, it'll save a bit of money
07:15 <+egbert> i believe we did already.
07:16 < whot> mupuf said three of them already do (roy included)
07:16 < stukreit> wasn't sure we did.  Also, do we need to tell them to look into flying to major hubs/take train in-country? (I don't know how obvious that is)
07:16 < whot> the others have sent us separate quotes. I had planned to tell david and stephen to organise to bunk together
07:17 < whot> once we have the acks for both. that leaves only theo, who's bunking with jamey and check who's still pending anyway
07:17 <+egbert> stukreit: is this really so much cheaper than going on a 2nd flight?
07:17 < stukreit> you tell me
07:18 < whot> egbert: this close to the date it may be. no idea what the difficulty is in going from say CDG to the train station
07:18 <+egbert> funny thing is: here in germany i can fly from hamburg to munich cheaper than go by train. if i book in advance.
07:18 < stukreit> I think adg found that the extra hop made it very expensive
07:18 <+egbert> right. but it's still 4 weeks.
07:19 <+egbert> stukreit: well, could be. i don't know how it is to bordeaux
07:19 < whot> well, either way that is something we can tell them to look up
07:20 < whot> may depend on flight/train times and certainly depends on where they come from
07:20 < jcristau> whot: fwiw looks like there are direct trains from CDG to Bordeaux
07:20 < whot> e.g. in my case I preferred the convenience of not having to change over to a train after sitting 20+h on  plane :)
07:20 <+alanc> I've not tried to book my tickets yet, but have been told the quotes our travel agency provides are cheaper if you stay for the social event and fly out Sunday instead of trying to fly home on Saturday
07:20 < whot> jcristau: can you paste the train system website? that'd help in spreaading the word
07:21 < whot> jcristau: and is that connected to ORY too? i suspect inter-europe is more likely to land there than CDG (guesswork here)
07:22 <+egbert> there is a night sat->sun in between, yes.
07:22 <+egbert> this often makes it cheaper.
07:23 < jcristau> whot:
07:23 < whot> jcristau: thanks
07:23 < jcristau> and no, no trains in ORY
07:25 < whot> ok, let's go back to the actual voting: can I please have the required yay/nay for:
07:25 < whot> david herrmann
07:25 < stukreit> +1
07:26 < whot> theo hill
07:26 < whot> roy spliet
07:26 < whot> single +1 for all three is enough, otherwise state which one is nay
07:27 < whot> three-two-one-go!
07:27 <+egbert> +1
07:27 < stukreit> +1
07:28 < marcoz> +1
07:30 <+alanc> +1
07:31 <+egbert> guys, anything else for today?
07:32 < whot> +1 from me, votes carried. I'll send out the emails in lieu of mupuf
07:32 < whot> last item on my list here is OPW: as you saw in the email yesterday we're signed up now
07:33 < whot> I've started with the landing page (help appreciated) and will send out an email to collect mentors later today
07:33 <+alanc> thanks for handling that
07:33 < whot> big difference to GSoC is that it's more collaborative to find projects, so I need you  (and mentors) to come up with projects
07:34 < whot> there's some confusion about sponsorship but I'm following that up with marina and I think it'll amount to nothing anyway
07:34 < whot> my interpretation was that Marina didn't realise we're paying for it and thought we needed sponsors
07:34 <+alanc> we should be covering the same codebases as our GSoC/EVoC projects - traditional X11, xcb, wayland, mesa, dri, nouveau...
07:36 < marcoz> did I ever manage to convince enough people that documentation and such were worthy?
07:37 <+alanc> documentation is explicitly out of scope for GSoC per google requirements, but I believe has traditionally been in scope for OPW 
07:37 < whot> marcoz: convince that it's worthy - yes, convince of generating documentation - squirrel!
07:37 < whot> "The internships offered are not limited to coding, but include user experience design, graphic design, documentation, web development, marketing, translation and other types of tasks needed to sustain a FOSS project. "
07:38 < marcoz> sweet. thx
07:39 < whot> marcoz: so by all means, propose it. i don't know if you've seen jasper's Xplain but it's pretty good
07:39 < whot> somethign along those lines would be awesome (on top of what you already did)
07:39 < marcoz> doesn't ring a bell.  link?
07:40 <+alanc> or tackling Wayland docs/design
07:40 <+alanc> jasper writing a mini X server in javascript for inline demos beat any docs I wrote
07:40 < whot>
07:41 < whot> anyway, that's all from the OPW side so far. we should go live-ish on monday (when I suspect OPW will announce the programs)
07:41 < whot> s/programs/orgs/
07:42 < whot> also, note I've signed up my email as contact, not board, and I'll try to handle what can be handled myself. otherwise we'll end up with 8 ppl all waiting for each other to reply :)
07:42 < whot> I'll get the board on the general opw announce list though (low traffic)
07:43 < marcoz> tasty
07:43 <+alanc> thanks
07:43 < whot> and the usual, anything out of the ordinary I'll just bring up at the meetings
07:43 < whot> that's all from my side - any questions?
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07:46 < whot> alright, looks like even the crickets know what to do
07:46 < whot> any other items to discuss?
07:47 <+alanc> if mupuf was here, I'd ask how XDC prep is coming, but without him, not much we can say
07:47 <+alanc> he knows how to mail us though if there's anything he needs
07:47 < whot> i figured if he has time to party it can't be that bad ;)
07:49 < whot> alrighty. let's call it closed for this week, next one will be the last before XDC
07:49 <+alanc> sounds good
07:49 < whot> thanks for joining in, see you in two weeks