Date is 2014-12-05, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Dec 05 2014
07:59 < whot> good morning, gentlemen
08:04 <+egbert> whot: good evening. still an hour until morning here ;p
08:04 < whot> hehe
08:05 <+egbert> it's still past work time here, so i'm having my beer ;)
08:05 < whot> it's always past work time somewhere, a beer is always justified
08:06 <+egbert> yup, that's a good point!
08:06 <+egbert> very valid :)
08:07 < keithp> howdy
08:07 <+egbert> hi keith! did you have lunch already?
08:07 < keithp> indeed! 14:07 here
08:08 <+egbert> so you're ready for your after lunch nap!
08:08 < keithp> I was 'designing software' for the last hour, thanks!
08:08 < jcristau> it's always after lunch somewhere, a nap is always justified
08:09 <+egbert> ok, so who did you have lunch with then?
08:09 < keithp> the usual intel crew
08:09 <+egbert> jcristau: of course!
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08:10 < whot> stukreit, alanc, mupuf_, agd5f: ping
08:11 < agd5f> hi
08:12 <+egbert> hrm, we are over 10 min past the hour already. should we get started - even with some missing?
08:12 < whot> yeah, it's not like there's much to discuss
08:13 <+egbert> spi? i don't have the date at hand when the meeting will be.
08:13 < whot> OPW update and SPI, got nothing else here
08:14 < whot> I was too slack with the XDC questions, only sent them to Tom on Wed and didn't hear back yet
08:14 <+egbert> whot: yeah, we should deal with this on the ml first. 
08:14 < whot> OPW update: official start date is 9 dec, stukreit told me the money is in flight, clinhart says the project planning is on track
08:15 < whot> not sure I mentioned this: I got "told off" for posting the results early, next round we should make the decision on the private list and hold back with the announcement until after OPW did so officially
08:15 < whot> just something to remember
08:16 <+egbert> hrm. we do hold our meetings publically.
08:16 < whot> SPI: meeting next week, that should be the green light for us I hope. one that's done we should get the elections on track, we only have 60 days according to the proposal
08:17 < whot> egbert: yes, we can discuss the various projects and merits during the meeting, just the final decision should not be pre-announced
08:17 <+egbert> whot: ok, that may work.
08:18 <+egbert> the timing with elections is a bit bad as these 60 days fall right into the holiday season.
08:19 < keithp> egbert: we could amend the request and ask for more time pretty easily; just needs to not be open-ended
08:19 <+egbert> keithp: ok, that's fair.
08:20 < whot> ok, 90 days, 120 days? how much do we need?
08:20 < whot> 90 days would give us until march
08:20 <+egbert> right. 90 sounds like a good plan.
08:20 < keithp> Seems like putting an election together on the site and running it won't take that long though
08:21 < whot> keithp: yeah, we say that every year and then it ends up being 3 months later than expected :)
08:21 < keithp> heh
08:22 < whot> ok, I'll ping bdale to get this to 90 days, but we should start electsions asap anyway
08:22 < keithp> agreed
08:22 < whot> 4 of us are out of term soon anyway
08:22 <+egbert> i haven't been around before the last election but it hasn't changed over all the years since i've been on the board before.
08:23 < whot> egbert: it's mostly a problem of finding someone to get the emails out, and everything set up without getting interrupted by e.g. PhD theses :)
08:23 <+egbert> yeah, i'm not currently busy on a phd thesis :)
08:24 < whot> those things can sneak up on you
08:24 <+egbert> hehe
08:24 < keithp> only if you don't have a lantern at the ready
08:24 < whot> egbert: do you want to run the election this year?
08:24 <+egbert> whot: you got me cornered ;p
08:25 < whot> should've started a phd in time
08:25 <+egbert> i'd need someone to help me with the software though.
08:25 <+egbert> me and web programming don't go together ;p
08:27 < agd5f> the hardest part is setting up the elections database
08:29 < whot> right. something we can figure out outside the meeting times.
08:29 < whot> so the election would need two checkboxes, one for the new board members, one for yes/no on the SPI merger
08:31 <+egbert> yeah, right. let's figure this out outside the meeting.
08:31 <+egbert> first thing to do is to create a timeline so we know what needs to happen when.
08:32 <+egbert> do we have any documentation and howtos from past elections?
08:32 <+egbert> if we do, please point me to it and i will look into it and make a plan.
08:33 < whot> egbert: mupuf_ might have some, IIRC he ran the last one
08:33 < whot> ok, any other items? I'm done with my list here
08:33 <+egbert> whot: ok, i'll ping him.
08:33 < agd5f> there's a page on the internal elections wiki with everything we need
08:33 < agd5f> I'll see if I can dig up the link
08:33 <+egbert> agd5f: what's the internal elections wiki?
08:34 <+egbert> agd5f: ok, thanks!
08:36 < whot> alrighty, I guess that's it for today then. Thanks for attending, we'll meet in 2 weeks
08:36 < keithp> sounds good! thanks everyone
08:36 < whot> I'll fwd any SPI results as I get them
08:36 <+egbert> ok, talk to you guys in 2 weeks!
08:36 <+egbert> thanks!