Date is 2015-03-06, times are UTC+10.

--- Log opened Fri Mar 06 07:52:25 2015
07:54 < whot> good morning
07:58 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
07:59 < agd5f> hi
07:59 <+egbert> good evening!
08:00 < marcoz> hi
08:02 < stukreit> hi!
08:03 < whot> alanc, keithp, mupuf: ping
08:03 < whot> tstellar: ping, are you online? did you want to put forward some dates today?
08:05 <+alanc> oh, is it today?
08:05 < tstellar> whot: I just wanted to confirm that September is the preferred month.
08:05 < agd5f> whot, I think Seneca is pretty flexible.  Last time I talked to Tom, he wanted to know what dates we preferred so he could take them back to Seneca
08:06 < tstellar> yes they do seem very flexible.
08:07 <+alanc> looks like linux plumbers is in August this year so wouldn't conflict in september
08:07 < whot> september sounds good, anyone aware of any conferences that may conflict or should be semi-colocated
08:07 < whot> i.e. around the same time to save on international trips
08:08 <+alanc> - August 19-21 in Seattle
08:08 < whot> the lwn calendar is empty but for OSSCOM in Jordan
08:09 <+alanc>
08:09 < stukreit> what are the preferred dates in sept at this moment?
08:10 < whot> gut feeling tells me that 2-4 is out, it overlaps with european holidays too much
08:11 <+egbert> i believe we used to have the conference in the last half of september. 
08:11 < agd5f> my personal preference would be for a week other than the 7th since I can't attend that week
08:11 <+alanc>  Monday, September 7 is a holiday for US folks
08:11 <+egbert> yeah, august and early september are still a bit holiday season anyway.
08:11 < whot> so that leaves Wed 16 - 18 and Wed 23 - 25?
08:12 < stukreit> and my personal pref is a week other than sept 20->26
08:12 <+egbert> this would leave it with week 38 or 40
08:12 < tstellar> Does it matter if its m,tu,w or w,th,f ?
08:12 <+egbert> 13-19 or 27-3 oct
08:13 <+egbert> personally i prefer the end of the week, but i don't mind either way.
08:14 < stukreit> sept  13,14 ,  22, 23 are the jewish holidays
08:14 <+alanc> JavaOne/Oracle OpenWorld is end of October this year, so not overlapping for a change
08:14 <+alanc> (not that anyone goes to both that & XDC)
08:15 < whot> I think wed-fri is the traditional choice?
08:15 <+egbert> yeah
08:15 < whot> though I don't know exactly why except for the sat social event :)
08:16 <+egbert> ok, we got some soft and hard requirements, maybe we should leave it to tom to figure out when it works best for him?
08:16 < tstellar> I just checked and xdc 2013 was m,tu,w.
08:16 <+egbert> i would like to leave by 11:30. so just 15 minutes more for me.
08:17 <+egbert> yeah, 1012 it was wed-fri
08:17 <+egbert> sorry 2012
08:17 <+egbert> and 2014 as well.
08:17 < tstellar> Ok I think I have enough information here to suggest dates to seneca.  Seems like sept 27 - oct 3 may be the top choice.
08:17 <+alanc> if you look through I don't think there's a huge amount of consistency in past dates
08:18 < whot> tstellar: university starts in oct, at least in .at and I think also in .de, so that may make that weekend difficult. mupuf may have more info
08:18 <+egbert> right.
08:19 < whot> but either way, I'd say pick two dates out of that fuzzy list and then we can decide on which one is better
08:19 < tstellar> whot: Ok, sounds good.
08:19 < whot> freedom of choice is what we have, freedom from choice is what we want ;)
08:20 <+egbert> ok, do we need to talk about the election?
08:20 <+egbert> so far everything is according to plan.
08:20 < whot> egbert: yep, shoot
08:20 <+egbert> still need to look at the election software and i'm pretty busy.
08:21 < stukreit> "look at" ie, setup? might I assist you?
08:21 <+egbert> agd5f, keithp, marcoz, anyone around on the weekend if i need help?
08:21 <+egbert> point is: i haven't looked how to set it up and add the yes/abstain/no vote for the bylaws.
08:22 <+egbert> btw: do we have the bylaws ready so people know what they vote on?
08:22 <+egbert> alanc says it's fairly easy to set up.
08:22 <+egbert> so i like to believe that for now.
08:22 < whot> I'm gonna say no on the bylaws question, still waiting for spi
08:23 <+egbert> ok, technically we cannot start the election until this is done.
08:23 <+alanc> we've tried to avoid having people running for the election set up the voting themselves, but if no one on the election committee can do it...
08:23 <+egbert> i don't want to let people vote on a draft that's not ready.
08:23 <+egbert> alanc: i will give my best.
08:24 < marcoz> egbert: which weekend?
08:24 <+egbert> marcoz: this weekend
08:24 < agd5f> egbert, I'll be around, but with a 1 yr old, I'm not on the computer.  If you gchat or text me I can pop on to help out
08:25 <+egbert> marcoz: do i have your mobile number?
08:25 < marcoz> egbert: the one weekend lately I'm not near a computer. out skiing all weekend.
08:25 <+egbert> agd5f: sorry 
08:25 <+egbert> was you
08:25 < marcoz> egbert: i can send it to you.
08:26 <+egbert> marcoz: if you are out skeeing it won't help me ;)
08:27 < agd5f> that said, I've never looked at the voting system, so I'm not sure how much help I can be.  Last time I ran an election alanc took care of the voting setup.
08:27 <+egbert> agd5f: yeah. same here.
08:27 <+egbert> i won't be able to do this tomorrow.
08:27 < marcoz> same for me to actually.
08:27 <+egbert> most likely sat or sun.
08:27 <+alanc> voting for board members is fairly easy to setup via web interface
08:28 <+alanc> I don't remember setting up for voting on other questions
08:28 <+egbert> right. but we need to add the spi vote.
08:28 <+egbert> alanc: right.
08:28 <+alanc> the UI sucks and is annoying, but once you figure it out, it works
08:28 < whot> on that note can any knowledge aquired learning the voting software be added to the board wiki pls?
08:28 < agd5f> alanc, you got a link to the UI?
08:29 <+egbert> agd5f: the web Ui should be visible to you.
08:29 <+alanc> no, because I'm not on the election committee, so it's hidden from me
08:29 <+alanc> on look for "Ballot Admin"
08:29 <+egbert> agd5f: just log in.
08:29 < agd5f> ok, thanks.  I'll take a look
08:29 <+alanc> I suppose since I'm not running for re-election I could join the election committee without having a conflict of interest 8-)
08:30 <+egbert> alanc: yeah, right.
08:31 <+egbert> let's get together tomorrow by email and see how we can keep in touch on this over the weekend.
08:31 <+egbert> tomorrow my time and for the guys in the us.
08:31 < whot> egbert: will you send out a reminder when voting opens?
08:31 <+egbert> of course.
08:31 < whot> thx
08:31 <+egbert> i won't open anything before we have a final version of the bylaws.
08:32 < whot> ok
08:32 <+egbert> so until i see something on the board list i can post to the members no voting will take place.
08:32 < whot> ack
08:33 <+egbert> ok, i thing that's it about elections tonight.
08:33 <+egbert> i would like to run off.
08:33 < whot> ok, nothing to add re  elections from me
08:33 <+egbert> so can i say good night?
08:34 < whot> yes, you may :)
08:34 <+egbert> ok, good night! :)
08:34 < whot> only other item I have on the list is GSoC though that's mostly so it shows up on the meeting minutes
08:34 < whot> agd5f: do you want to add anything there or is copying the link to mupuf's emailfrom the list enough?
08:35 < agd5f> whot, I don't have anything to add
08:36 < whot> ok, in that case, I think we're good for today. anyone else have anything?
08:36 <+alanc> not me
08:37 <+alanc> oh, anything we need to do for GSOC now that we're in?
08:38 < agd5f> if anyone has more ideas for projects add them to the project page
08:39 < whot>
08:39 < whot> just so that is in the irclog :)
08:40 < whot> alrighty, if that's it I say thanks for attending and see you guys in two weeks