Date is 2015-04-17, times are UTC+10.

--- Day changed Fri Apr 17 2015
00:04 < agd5f> mupuf, sounds good
06:54 < mupuf> hey everyone!
06:54 < mupuf> whot: there?
06:56 < whot> good morning
06:56 < mupuf> egbert, keithp, agd5f, danvet: ping
06:57 < mupuf> I pinged rob on freenode and told him to join
06:57 < danvet> hi all
06:57 < mupuf> seems like no-one warned him about the meeting
06:57 < mupuf> hope he sees the message soon
06:57 < whot> mupuf: I sent him an email yesterday
06:58 < mupuf> whot: cool! Well done!
06:58 < mupuf> I was about to send him an sms
06:58 < mupuf> maybe I'll do it anyway
06:59 < mupuf> hmm, seems like I don't have his number
06:59 < mupuf> he is joining
06:59 <+keithp> I'm here briefly; boarding a plane shortly.
06:59 -!- robclark [] has joined #xf-bod
07:00  * alanc is here out of habit
07:00 <+egbert> hi
07:00 < mupuf> robclark: 4 seconds before the time, congrats :D
07:00 < robclark> :-P
07:00 <+egbert> according to my clock it is exactly 23:00
07:00 <+egbert> you pinged 4 minutes to early ;)
07:00 < mupuf> egbert: :)
07:01 < whot> alright, only matt is missing, let's get started
07:01 <+egbert> mupuf: this time is really bad for here.
07:01 < mupuf> egbert: ?
07:01 < stukreit> I'll listen in for the last time too
07:01 < whot> first of all: welcome to the new board members robclark and danvet, congratulations
07:02 < mupuf> whot: any agenda beside GSoC and getting the two newcomers up to speed?
07:02 <+egbert> stukreit: i still need you :)
07:02 < whot> and of course congrats to mupuf as well (and me :)
07:02 <+keithp> stukreit: you're still an officer, you can't escape us
07:02 < stukreit> crap what?
07:02 < whot> and many thanks to alanc and stukreit for their long service on the board
07:02 < mupuf> stukreit: we'll have to discuss what to do with your status :)
07:02 <+egbert> +1
07:02 < mupuf> +1 ! Thanks stukreit and alanc!
07:02 <+egbert> +1
07:03 <+keithp> +2
07:03 < stukreit> glad to hand the baton to fresh minds
07:03 <+alanc> and those with more time & energy
07:03 < whot> agenda for today: officers, election debrief, gsoc, domain thingy
07:03 <+egbert> stukreit: you said you had contact to Leon, didn't you?
07:03 -!- marcoz [] has joined #xf-bod
07:03 < mupuf> oh, and SPI too
07:04 < marcoz> hi guys
07:04 < agd5f> hi
07:04 < stukreit> egbert: I sent you his phone number, will re-send
07:04 <+egbert> stukreit: i will email you about this next week.
07:04 < mupuf> marcoz: hey :) Glad you could join
07:04 < whot> marcoz: agenda for today: officers, election debrief, gsoc, domain thingy, SPI
07:04 <+egbert> stukreit: wuould be nice if you called initially.
07:05  * whot is on 3g, so lagging behind by about 30 sec
07:05 < agd5f> whot, filing taxes should be on the agenda as well
07:05 < mupuf> stukreit: are you planing on keeping the treasurer role?
07:05 < whot> yes, can we have someone call leon who is in roughly the same timezone and knows him? 
07:06 < stukreit> I expect its easiest if I keep the treasurer roll untill handoff to SPI
07:06 < mupuf> oh, tstellar reminded me that there is XDC too
07:06 < whot> stukreit: if you are happy to keep the role, +1 from me
07:06 < whot> for some value of "happy" I guess :)
07:06 <+keithp> stukreit: that would be awesome
07:06 < stukreit> yeah, I'll do it.
07:06 < agd5f> yeah same here +1
07:06 < mupuf> stukreit: +1, thanks a bunch!
07:07 < stukreit> sure thing. thanks to the whole membership for their patience with me. finance is hard.
07:07 < stukreit> I'll call Leon about the domain
07:08 < danvet> newby here ... who's leon?
07:08 < stukreit> Leon was one of the early framers of our corporate structire
07:08 < stukreit> ^i^u^
07:08 < danvet> ah thx
07:08 <+alanc> the first X.Org secretary if I remember correctly
07:09 <+egbert> +1 for keeping the treasurer for the time being
07:10 < marcoz> +1 also
07:11 < mupuf> robclark, danvet: Please say if you accept or not that stukreit keeps his role for the time being
07:11 < robclark> stukreit, +1 for that
07:11 < danvet> yeah, sounds excellent, thx
07:12 < stukreit> thanks guys. your humble servant.
07:12 < whot> alright, carried. thanks. next one up is Secretary: anyone volunteering to take over from me?
07:12 <+egbert> how about you?
07:12 <+egbert> :)
07:12 < whot> it's not that much work and you get to boss people around a bit :)
07:12 <+keithp> whot: we like being bossed around by you
07:12 <+egbert> yeahyeahyeah ;p
07:13  * mupuf thinks that whot has been doing wonderful work in the past 2 years. Maybe danvet or robclark would like to take over, up to them :)
07:14  * danvet reads bylaws before saying anythign
07:14  * robclark should probably figure out how things work first..
07:14 < whot> robclark: chicken :P
07:14 < robclark> mostly :-P
07:15 < stukreit> its a good way to get up to speed on the board. I'm sure whot can give you help on getting the minutes out. (isn't that most of the job?)
07:16 < whot> d   mostly meeting minutes and the presentation at xdc
07:16 < mupuf> basically, the job is to have an agenda for the meeting, making sure we follow it and then writing the minutes
07:16 < danvet> so the membership part is all scripted?
07:16 < whot> membership part?
07:16 < danvet> that's what the bylaws talk all about
07:16 <+egbert> where?
07:16 <+egbert> chapter?
07:17 <+alanc> the membership web site keeps track of who all the X.Org members are for you
07:17 < robclark> 2.6, for example..
07:17 < danvet> well maybe I should scroll down more ;-)
07:18 <+egbert> this is pretty much automated.
07:18 <+egbert> you just have to assign the responsibility to someone.
07:18 < whot> alanc: speaking of which, I pushed the notification email change now, so it'll email me for new applications
07:18 <+alanc> the biggest non-automated part is reviewing new applications, which is usually on the order of minutes of work each month
07:19 < danvet> well doesn't sound too onerous tbh
07:19 < danvet> I won't be around in 2 weeks though
07:19  * danvet doing a bad job at chickening out
07:19 <+egbert> this is not problem
07:19 <+egbert> there are others who can do this as well.
07:19 <+egbert> it has not been well organized to schedule this.
07:20 <+egbert> but we certainly can take turns.
07:20 < whot> well, how about we bring this up in 4 weeks then. we have a couple of other items and I'll survive for the next two meetings
07:20 <+egbert> i did some because of elections.
07:20 < danvet> +1
07:20 <+egbert> +1
07:20 < robclark> k, sounds good +1
07:20 < agd5f> +1
07:20 < whot> right, so secretary position postponed until next time danvet is around, then we peer pressure him again :)
07:21 < marcoz> :)
07:21 < mupuf> +1
07:21 <+egbert> +1
07:21 < whot> stukreit: taxes: is there anything we need to handle as a group here or is it just an item on your todo?
07:22 < stukreit> I would like to pass the tax form by one or all of the board before submitting.
07:22 < whot> email shoudl do then I think?
07:23 < stukreit> sure.
07:23 <+egbert> yeah, fine.
07:23 < stukreit> (I don't have it made yet)
07:23 < whot> ok, let's do that. did we have any income to file?
07:23 <+keithp> stukreit: I'd volunteer to review
07:23  * keithp has seen more than my share of corporate filings in the last week...
07:24 < stukreit> less than $100 ( < $25) in interest.  The bofa account is a zero interest checking account
07:24 < mupuf> whot: yes, the money from google?
07:24 < stukreit> that came in 2015.
07:24 < whot> what about the gsoc org payments?
07:24 < stukreit> thankfully
07:24 < whot> ah, right
07:24 < mupuf> stukreit: hehe
07:25 < stukreit> took them and me several back&forths to get the transfer info straight, due to our change in banking
07:25 < whot> alrighty, next item: gsoc, anything noteworthy? mupuf, agd5f?
07:25 < mupuf> whot: yes
07:26 < mupuf> google told us that we got 6 slots
07:26 < mupuf> we asked for 5 to 9
07:26 < mupuf> most of the projects if not all have a mentor assigned already
07:27 < mupuf> there should be a debate between two proposals, we'll see how it turns out
07:27 < whot> ok, anything we need to do as board?
07:28 < mupuf> nope, we handle everything
07:28 < whot> cool, thanks
07:28 < mupuf> mentors have been super helpful this year
07:28 < whot> I take it we have 9 proposals then?
07:29 < mupuf> actually, we got 15
07:29 < whot> woah
07:29 < mupuf> 12 were sensible
07:29 < agd5f> some were spam
07:29 < mupuf> I mean, not pure trash
07:30 < mupuf> but 9 actually had at least a slight chance to be accepted
07:30 < whot> alright, thanks.
07:31 < whot> anything else for GSoC?
07:31 < mupuf> we have until the 24th to assign the slots
07:31 < mupuf> we'll see
07:31 < whot> ok. good luck
07:32 < whot> alrighty, next item: XDC dates, just came in this morning (well, for me, anyway)
07:32 < whot> Tom proposed 16-18 Sep, which is wed-fri as usual
07:32 <+egbert> can we do this today?
07:32 <+egbert> we should have this fixed as soon as possible!
07:32 < danvet> +1
07:33 < mupuf> egbert: agreed!
07:33 < danvet> and date is fine for me
07:33 < whot> +1 from me
07:33 < robclark> those dates are fine by me.. +1
07:33 <+egbert> +1
07:33 < marcoz> +1
07:33 < mupuf> did anyone check if any event happen at this date?
07:33 <+egbert> didn't we do this last time we talked about this?
07:33 < danvet> kernel summit isn't at that time ;-)
07:34 <+egbert> i thought it was one of the dates we proposed.
07:34 < agd5f> +1 for the dates
07:34 < mupuf> egbert: was it? /me is bad with dates
07:34 < robclark> postgres conf..
07:34 < robclark> I guess that won't conflict too badly :-P
07:34 < whot> lwn lists postgres. probably limited overlap :)
07:35 < mupuf> indeed
07:35 < danvet> and nothing nearby that could conflict either
07:35 < mupuf> looks good to me
07:35 < mupuf> +1 for the date!
07:36 < mupuf> let's advertise this
07:36 < whot> alright, can I get a +1 from anyone still missing, makes it easier to grep for later :)
07:36 < mupuf> tstellar: thanks for taking care of this!
07:36 <+egbert> +1 for thx to tstellar organizing this event!
07:37 < danvet> will tstellar send out the announcement to lists and lwn?
07:37 < whot> danvet: yeah, he's the organizer. generally we try not to interfere
07:37 < whot> danvet: though that is mostly because we never have enough time to be really useful :)
07:38 < danvet> not being useful, I can do that too
07:38 < danvet> ;-)
07:38 < whot> ok, I count at least 6 votes, so that's carried. XCD will be 16-18 sep
07:39 <+egbert> :)
07:39 < whot> I'll email Tom
07:39 < mupuf> whot: great!
07:40 < mupuf> danvet, robclark; are you subscribed to the board's ML?
07:40 < mupuf> nothing to do on your side
07:40 < danvet> hm I did get some mails at least
07:40 < danvet> but whot sent the stuff to
07:40 < whot> yes, they are. and alanc and stukreit are off again, so anything for stuart should CC him
07:40 < robclark> I think so, I got tstellar's email..
07:40 < agd5f> I added robclark and danvet
07:40 < robclark> ahh, thx
07:40 < whot> danvet: agd5f is list admin, ping him for a different address
07:41 < whot> I just took the first one I found from you :)
07:41 < mupuf> agd5f: wow! well done
07:41 < danvet> board list seems to be private one, that's better
07:41 <+egbert> yes.
07:41 < danvet> @intel is only checked on the clock ;-)
07:41 < agd5f> I added your and addresses
07:41 < agd5f> respectively
07:42 < robclark> yup, that works for me
07:43 < mupuf> great, next item?
07:43 < whot> election debrief
07:44 < whot> thanks for all the work egbert (and the rest of the election committee)
07:44 <+egbert> thanks!
07:44 < mupuf> indeed! Thanks a lot egbert and the rest of the committee!
07:45 < danvet> +1
07:45 < whot> one request: can you put anything election-related into the board wiki now so next time we have an eeasier time remembering?
07:45 < agd5f> yeah, egbert deserves all the credit.  He did all the heavy lifting
07:45 <+egbert> i don't seem to have access to the board wiki.
07:46 < danvet> where is that board wiki btw?
07:46 <+egbert> there are a few things about the voting software i would like to still fix - as long as i still remember what it was.
07:46 < robclark> danvet, .. but I think someone has to make accounts for us..
07:46 < whot> egbert: ok, I'll try to get this sorted, there are a couple of issues with expo atm
07:46  * robclark cannot access it yet..
07:46 <+egbert> whot: did you see other issues?
07:46 < whot> robclark: yeah, I'm in the process but daniels lost his gpg key so he couldn't add the htpassswd you guys sent me :)
07:47 <+egbert> i mean we need to get the whole expo thing sorted.
07:47 < robclark> heh, ok, I guess not a hurry
07:47 < whot> egbert: from what I gather, a shutdown -h would be best :)
07:47 <+egbert> i did email the board about this some month ago but didn't get a response.
07:47 < mupuf> still not sure I can access
07:48 < mupuf> apparently not
07:48 <+egbert> yeah, but this might be it. for good. who knows if it will come back up - there is still some stuff there we need to keep.
07:48 <+egbert> our members database for instance.
07:48 < mupuf> oh yes
07:48 < whot> we need to migrate it to a box that's actually maintained
07:48 < whot> or find someone willing to maintain it
07:48 < whot> hint: not me, I'm crap as sysadmin
07:48 <+egbert> maintain what?
07:49 <+egbert> expo?
07:49 < whot> yeah
07:49 <+egbert> this is quite much to ask. i have tried to access the ilo console
07:50 <+egbert> the address still exists but the ilo console doesn't respond any more.
07:50 <+egbert> so anything requring to do remote management will not work any more.
07:50 < whot> where is that box anyway? MIT?
07:51 <+egbert> yes
07:51 <+egbert> i don't know if we still know anyone who could gain access to this physically.
07:51 <+egbert> and we don't pay for hosting anymore.
07:51 <+egbert> so it is just good will action that they have not ripped it out, yet.
07:51 < robclark> well, I'm in the right neighborhood (but ofc that doesn't mean they'd let me in the building)
07:52 <+egbert> right. point is: noone would have any idea who to contact.
07:52 <+egbert> (unless keithp still has some old friends there)
07:52 < mupuf> it is a miracle that the drive is still running
07:52 < mupuf> maybe everything is still in cache
07:53 <+egbert> it is raid.
07:53 <+egbert> so it could be that one is dead already and we don't know!
07:53 < whot> let's start a plan to move things off it then, maybe to fdo servers
07:53 <+egbert> i think we should have a dedicated machine somewhere.
07:54 < whot> right. egbert, can you dig up that email you sent and reply to it with some plan of what to do? and this time we try not to ignore it :)
07:55 <+egbert> ok, will do.
07:55 <+egbert> first thing would be to do a backup.
07:55 <+egbert> i'd do it but i'd like to get permission first.
07:56 <+egbert> so if the board is fine i will at least try to pull off what i thought might be important.
07:57 < robclark> +1
07:57 < whot> +1
07:57 < whot> egbert: I should have access to expo too, so once you identify what needs to be backed up I can pull it down and put it on an encrypted disk somewhere too
07:57 < danvet> +1
07:58 <+egbert> ok, i'll do the same. it should even fit on a stick. at least a decend sized one.
07:58 <+egbert> that's what i would do here. put it on a stick with an encrypted fs.
07:59 < whot> everyone else fine with that? ^
08:00 < agd5f> +1
08:00 < mupuf> hehe
08:00 <+egbert> mupuf: if this a '+1'?
08:01 <+egbert> guys, it is past midnight here already. i would like to make the motion to close this meeting.
08:02  * danvet seconds
08:02 < mupuf> +1 please save the content
08:02 < danvet> need to wake up again in 4h for my flight :(
08:02 <+egbert> thx!
08:02 < whot> alright, that's a majority, egbert feel free to start with the backup
08:02 <+egbert> thanks!
08:03 < whot> last item on the agenda is SPI but I'll keep it short: I think we're in agreement that we should try another vote, so we should check what's required and when we do this
08:03 < danvet> +1
08:03 < whot> so unless someone wants to veto this now, this is your homework for next time :)
08:03 <+egbert> ok.
08:03 < robclark> +1 for revote (and more nagging/reminders)
08:03 < mupuf> whot: I really want us to fix our bylaws before another vote
08:03 < mupuf> as in, we need to contact the SFLC
08:04 < whot> yeah
08:04 <+egbert> ok, can we ajourn this?
08:04 < whot> not something we need to discuss today though, I gotta go too
08:04 < mupuf> ack!
08:04 < mupuf> have a good day guys
08:04 < whot> alrighty, calling the meetin closed, thanks for attending and see you guys in two weeks
08:04 <+egbert> mupuf: maybe you want to figure out what should be done until then and circulate it before the meeting.