Notes form X.Org BoD telecon Jan 31, 2006

Leon Shiman (LS)
Jim Gettys (JG)
Jim McQuillan (JQ)
Stuart Kreitman (SK)
Stuart Anderson (SA)
Kevin Martin (KM)
Egbert Eich (EE)

1. Minutes
2. Reimbursement requests for BoD travel
3. Expenses for LA show
4. Schedule and agenda review of f2f meetings
5. Should X.Org issue a statement on the software licensing
   policy discussions presently going on?
6. Organizational issues regarding XDevConf.
7. SK FOSDEM travel funding
8. Reports on possible sponsoring opportunity

1. Minutes
 The minutes taken by LS are for internal use by the BoD. LS tries to
 capture the conversation as close as possible and post them to the
 BoD for review. He is asked to reword emotionally charged statements
 such that they still capture the meaning without conveying the emotion
 when requested.
2. BoD travel
 SA asks for funding for accomodation. He will be sharing with LS and
 Dave Airlie. BoD travel expenses have been budgeted. No objections.
3. Expenses for LA show
 SK asks X.Org to pick up shipping expenses for the LA show.
 Since there is a budget for this there is no objection.
4. Schedule and agenda for the BoD meetings.
 Scheduling and location issues have been discussed for the BoD f2f
 meeting, the BoD-sponsors meeting and a possible meeting of the BoD
 with the treasurer.
 An email thread has been created to add/clearify agenda items.
5. Software licensing issues
 Currently numerous individuals and groups trigger discussions on open
 source licensing issues should X.Org make an official statement.
 X.Org will make no statement unless addressed directly BoD will make
 sure any incorrect statements it discoveres are corrected.
6. Organizational issues regarding XDevConf
 SK gives update XDevConf organization.
 Conference moderation issues are discussed: schedule will be tighter than
 on last years conference therefore talk and discussion afterwards need
 to stay in given time frame.
7. SK FOSDEM travel funding
 SK's airfare and hotel will be covered by SUN. He informs board that he
 may need funding for other expenses.
8. A possible sponsoring opportunity was mentioned.