Martin Peres - Status report on EzBench, an automated CI system for graphics!

Slides, Video

Last year at XDC, I announced the EzBench project that was aiming at making running benchmarks as easy as possible.

Fast forward a year, EzBench grew quite a lot. It became an official Freedesktop project and now provides automated bisecting of performance, unit test or rendering changes. It is now aiming at being a fully-automated CI system that performs all the low-level tasks automatically and generate trust-worthy reports that are directly actionnable by developers. More importantly, the system is usable on the developers' machine directly, without requiring external servers.

Developers can then take this report and use it to reproduce the issue on their machine and get the differences between their machine and the reporter's.

In this talk, I will present the architecture of the project and the reasons for it along with how to use it and how it can be set up to provide continuous integration, in conjunction with systems like Jenkins.