XDC2016 Program


As usual, we are open to talks across the layers of the graphics stack, from the kernel to desktop environments, and about how we make things better for the developers who build them. if you're not sure if something might fit, mail or add it anyway, and find out if there's room in the schedule.

If you don't want to follow the formal talk submission with the CFP you can also just list your talk below. Some proposals are marked as "formally accepted", this means they got submitted to the board of directors before the deadline and got accepted by the election committee.

Usually, all the proposals we get receive a slot during the conference, but this is not guaranteed. Selection will be done by the program director based on content and submission date.

Presenters information

The following inputs are available for presenters, 2 projectors with VGA, HDMI, Display Port, mini Display Port.

Pre-conference social event (Tue):

1900 Welcome & food track: Bryggeri. Say that you come for XDC 2016 if you are being asked!

Windowing system integration (Wed):

0900 Opening
0930 Sean Paul and Zach Reizner - drm hwcomposer (30 minutes)
1010 Gwangyeong Mun - Tizen 3.0 's Window System Integration Layer of OpenGLES/EGL & Vulkan Driver (libtpl-egl, vulkan-wsi-tizen) (30 minutes)
1050 David Reveman - ARC++ (30 minutes)
1130 Andy Ritger - libglvnd Status Update (30 minutes)
1200 Lunch Break
1330 Andy Ritger - PRIME Sync (30 minutes)
1410 Andy Ritger - Linux and High Dynamic Range Display (30 minutes)
1450 Miguel A. Vico - EGL external platform management infrastructure and Wayland implementation as external platform (30 minutes)
1530 Lucas Stach and Philipp Zabel - Using multiple DRM devices per system (architecture discussion) (30 minutes)
1610 James Jones - Unix Device Memory Allocation (30 minutes)
1640 reserves for Q&A overflow
1700 main track closing

Driver updates (Thu)

0900 Opening
0905 Jason Ekstrand - The Anatomy of a Vulkan Driver (45 minutes)
1000 Samuel Pitoiset, Karol Herbst, Pierre Moreau, Martin Peres - Status update of Nouveau (45 minutes)
1100 Peter Hutterer - (lib)?input update (45 minutes)
1145 Lunch Break
1330 Iago Toral - Bringing GL ARB gpu shader fp64 to Intel GPUs (45 minutes)

Performance (Thu)

1430 Martin Peres - A look into 2D performance, discussion about the current architecture (30 minutes)
1515 Kevin Rogovin - FastUIDraw: a high performance 2D renderer for GPU's (only) (45 minutes)
1615 Rob Clark - Out of Order Rendering for Moar FPS on Tilers (45 minutes)
1700 main track closing, X.org board mtg in 2nd room

Kernel (Fri)

0900 opening
0920 Roy Spliet - Motivating preemptive GPU scheduling for real-time systems (40 minutes)
1000 Karol Herbst - Power management update on Nouveau (45 minutes)
1100 Gustavo Padovan - Bringing Android Explicit Fencing to Mainline (45 minutes)
1145 Lunch Break
1330 Harry Wentland - The AMD DAL display driver (45 minutes)

Others (Fri)

1430 Martin Peres - Status report on EzBench, an automated CI system for graphics! (45 minutes)
1530 Daniel Vetter - X.org Foundation Updates (15 minutes)
1545 Elie Tournier, Alex Tru - GSoC Reports
1615 Lightning talks and report-outs from the hallway track, 5' each (30 minutes)
1645 Closing
1700 End of conference

Post-conference social event (Sat)

Register here: Link

Meeting point is at 10am, at Kauppatori's public ferry.

We will visit Suomenlinna, a fortified island, go back to Helsinki to eat and then go for a sauna/swimming session (take your swimming trunks if you have them ;))! After this, we will just come up with whatever people want to do!

I will try to keep my IRC client connected on my phone (mupuf-jolla, on freenode).

Lightning Talks

Rules: You have 5 minutes and we cut your mic, slides as PDF must be submitted 30 minutes before to Martin. The idea is to report out on anything discussed or agreed on in the hallway track. Please list yourselfs below: