XDC 2018 Workshops

Schedule and location for the workshops is here. If you are interested in any of the workshops, please write your name in the list of interested people present in each workshop description.


Brief discussion about VKMS development, new ideas, user-space requirements, test issues.

Interested people:

  • Rodrigo Siqueira
  • Sean Paul
  • Daniel Vetter

GPU offloading

The X server's GLX Vendor-Neutral Dispatch (GLXVND) layer provides a way for each X screen to use a different GLX implementation, but GLXVND is still limited to only one GLX implementation for each screen. On multi-GPU systems (such as laptops with both integrated and discrete GPUs), it would be useful to be able to run the desktop on one GPU and driver, but to allow some applications to run on a different GPU and driver, all within the same screen.

One possible solution is to extend the GLXVND interface to allow multiple GLX implementations on a screen, and then select between them on a per-client basis. There are some functional limitations to that by itself, though, such as mixing GLX and X11 rendering or accessing native X resources such as pixmaps. Other options such as using separate screens or even servers might be able to avoid those limits, but could have their own issues with complexity, scope, or compatibility.

I would like to discuss design ideas to try to figure out the best way to make this work.

Interested people:

  • Kyle Brenneman
  • Emil Velikov

Note: Should be scheduled after Emil's talk on gpu selection.

Graphics Testing

  1. Actual benefits of going from local developer testing to having automated testing as a service for developers as opposed external validation
  2. Integrating automated testing in the workflow of our projects
  3. How to handle failures in the testing runs
  4. How to report results to developers
  5. Software and hardware infrastructure necessary (network, job schedulers, runners, chamelium, ...)
  6. Improving our testsuites/infrastructure to reach 100% coverage while keeping a low feedback time

Interested people:

  • Martin Peres
  • Emil Velikov
  • Karol Herbst
  • Samuel Pitoiset
  • Bas Nieuwenhuizen
  • Mark Janes
  • Eric Engestrom
  • Andres Gomez
  • Harry Wentland
  • Daniel Stone
  • Juan A. Suarez

Note: Should be scheduled after the testing related talks by the interested people here.

Vulkan Timeline Semaphores

Discussions of new kernel ABI that will be required to implement Vulkan timeline semaphores.